You are not alone (Mental health)

I don't know why this topic has always hit me deeply, maybe because I have been on both sides of the river. Personally, I would like to keep this blog post very unfiltered so that more readers can benefit from it. Mental health sounds like a serious topic to some who have known it closely and also an excuse to some.

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During my teenage, I did not know about all this, there was a phase where I used to hate nights, I couldn't sleep peacefully knowing as soon as I 'll wake up I have to face the same thing all over again and I can do nothing about it.

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The biggest thing that causes fear in a person be it, adult, teenager, or an old person is ACCEPTANCE, we are always worried about this in every phase of our lives. Being a teenager we are worried will I be able to make new friends, will they like me, what should I do to fit in with them? As an adult we have to think about acceptance from our partner, if I don't get a job will my parents accept me, what about my responsibilities? And as life goes on in old age we become cranky and we feel will my family support me or accept my behavior?

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And I believe we have become paralyzed, paralyzed by our desire to be loved. I know that feeling of being surrounded by people still you feel lonely, you don't know what to talk, how to share, still you want to share and there are things which you want to let out but you cant. You are afraid of other's judgment and all these feelings add up and trap in depression. Trust me, I used to think the worst thing in life was to end up alone. No, it is not. The worst thing is to end up with people who make you feel alone. And depression is not an emotion, it is a cruel disease.

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In this competitive environment, we just want to reach on top and defeat every other person by whatever means it is possible. But remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck and I truly believe whatever happens is for our own good. I know in a situation where everything around seems so negative it is very difficult to be optimistic. But we have all the time to take a deep breath and think through it. And if you can't think through it alone, ask for help- I am sure you can find a handful of people around you out of millions and billions who will understand you and help you out.

I would say its okay to feel sad, to feel low, to feel scared, to feel anger, to feel the pain but one must express rather than just living with it alone. Some nights you don't get sleep, you feel like staying silent, you feel like crying your heart out loudly, and don't be scared happens with me too and even with millions of others out there so you are not alone.

We are in an environment where we need each other, so can't we be a little kind and self-less instead of being mean to each other. Let us make it a safe and healthy place to dwell in, where we all feel safe to share and ask for help without any hesitation.

Let us pledge to show compassion for those who are suffering, to choose empowerment over shame, and to talk openly about mental health.

Also, to each and every person reading this- all my contact details are given whenever you feel low or you want to share just send it over mail. I assure you all the help. :)

For more help- AASRA

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