Ways to a healthy lifestyle

Want a change in yourself ?

Wondering how ??

Then have a look at this article. It may help you !

People want changes in themselves but they hesitate because of the time that they would need to give just for them ! Well, this is possible even in a month !

Decide your monthly goals and track them :

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The very first thing that you need to do is,

to sit down and have a look at yourself whether what changes you want to acquire in yourself. And then try to make a list of it and track them on a daily basis till one month! Committing yourself to goals ,help you achieve a great result in few days or one month itself!

Here are some of the ten habits that you can acquire to see the unrecognisable change in yourselves only within a month :

1.Start increasing your water intake on a daily basis:

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Water helps us a lot in glowing up our body facials on a large scale. Water reduces the dryness of our skin and increases the moisture content in our dead skin cells, making it alive. Staying well hydrated decreases the bloatedness of our skin. Thus increasing the glam and beauty of your face and body ,making it even more prettier and healthier.

So make it a habit to drink enough water and start it today ! And in case you don't like to drink it simple then you can add some taste to it by adding some fruits to it. And see the difference in yourself within a month !

2.Start doing some short workouts daily in the morning :

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Wait ! What ?

Exercises !! Oops...no time for it !

Well I am not talking about the long term exercises like say for one or two hours or something like that which you actually can't afford in your busy day schedules . It's just a matter of about 15 to 20 minutes daily in the morning. If you want to get healthy and even more healthier, adopt a habit of doing short workouts everyday .

  • For it helps to burn your calories two times faster and hence reduces your weight and makes you slim.

  • It increases your heartbeat and helps in the proper functioning of blood pressure inside your body .

  • It keeps your minds fresh and helps you to feel rejuvenated all day long for your busy day work schedules as it increases your energy level .

3.Start eating green and leafy vegetables and also fruits.

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  • An intake of fresh fruits helps to increase the fibre content in your body. Hence making your body free from roughage.Fruits provide you with vitamins and essential minerals in your body.You can even drink fresh fruit juices instead of eating fruits according to your convenience or wish .

  • An intake of green leafy vegetables helps your body to get the essential vitamins for sensitive parts of your body like eyes- it increases your eyesight.There are a lot more benefits of green leafy vegetables.

  • Fruits help to increase the blood content in your body. Hence making your body fit and healthy and even more glowing than before ! Vegetables and fruits increases your body strength as a whole. It makes your face glow by increasing the blood circulation in your body and face muscles .

4.Have a face massage once a week:

Just like the rest of your body, facial muscles require exercise to keep you looking younger.

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  • It relieves your tension. When your facial muscles tense up, it is more likely pron to wrinkles which is why it's a good habit to massage your face once a week.

  • Stimulating the face muscles by massaging increases the blood and oxygen flow in your face by massaging the soft lines around your mouth, eyes and brows.

  • More oxygen flow to your face area boosts up the collagen production of that area and thus fairing your complexion as well.

  • It increases the effectiveness of your facial treatments and hence allows your face skin to absorb the face products more easily.

5.Habit of taking a power nap:

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We all love to sleep but when it comes to work either your job work or any household chore, we tend to do the work first (even ignoring our sleep) ! And there we lag!

It's a very good exercise kind of thing to take a power nap whenever you find yourself tired and energy less.

It's always a good practice to have a power nap in between your work when you are gonna take some rest and your body feels the relaxation and increases your energy level for another work of the day or continuing the same work!

6.Adopt a habit of oiling your hair at regular intervals in a week:


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it increases blood circulation in your scalps ,increasing the hair productivity (hair growth) within a month. And making the hair follicles even more healthier and stronger .It also increases the melanin content of your hair and hence making it black or darker than the colour that you had earlier.

7.Getting to the bed early at night and waking up early in the morning:

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Make it a habit of going to bed early at night and waking up early just completing your important essential 8 hours of sleep !

This is the perfect way to keep your mind refreshed whole day long and also feel healthier in terms of different types of diseases related to your diet .

8.Dont drink water immediately after the meals:

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The habit of drinking water just after your meals is not at all a good habit as it severely hampers digestion by diluting the essential gastric juices and causes an upsurge in insulin levels.So in order to keep your digestive system on track, you need to drop the habit of drinking water just after your meals.And then you can see the change within you !

9.Having a phone free hour in a day:

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Nowadays we are so indulged in our mobile phones that we hardly notice things happening in and around our body or surroundings. We totally ignore the things happening in our life other than the phone.

We just tend to entertain ourselves or even doing our work online on mobile itself , unknowing of the fact that how much it hampers our health ! This is something quite dangerous for us and our body.

So, please take out some time for your offline works and kindly keep your mobile phones off from you till that time span!

10.Reading a good content book before going to bed at night :

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Reading have always been one of the good habits of our everyday life. It acknowledges us with a great deal of understanding, maturity , positivity and negativity as well.

If in case you are feeling depressed or negative vibes are around you , then make it a habit to read a good content book before going to bed at night for it refreshed your kind and gives you the positive vibes needed for your positive life .

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