Virtual Board Gaming During the Lockdown in India

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Ludo, once a favorite board game, brings back fond memories, particularly if you are a millennial or a boomer. Through warm picnics to happy celebrations, the simple dice game has

become a consistent and essential form of entertainment throughout the decade.

Credits: Ludo King

In recent years, the game has been virtually redesigned. So in your day to day life there is a high chance that you have seen people playing the mobile version of Ludo. Though other gaming firms have released different versions of the game, Ludo King with more than 300 million downloads and a top ranking in the Google Play Store has become everyone's favorite option during the lockdown.

Gametion 's creator Vikash Jaiswal informs us that the traffic on their game improved dramatically during the quarantine. They are already aiming at about 50 million active consumers a day said the 41-year-old. Prelockdown the traffic was between 13 million and 15 million.

Credits: Ludo King

Online games picked up steam during the lockdown big time. A number of traditional board games come back to life as online versions of scrabble, ludo, monopoly, chess and clue are easily accessible for buddies. People even used these applications to have fun among family members during the long period of boredom. It literally takes nothing to have access to these mini-games. All you require is a mobile or web browser and you are set to go.

In order to play, you have to build an account and pick a username. Then, check for a username of a family member or relatives or friends. Some applications ask people to use their social networks and phone contacts to invite other people. Also, there is the opportunity to play with players you do not know. But what contributes to the popularity is that it is appropriate for all age ranges and the guidelines are similar to their real-life version!

It is not necessary for this traffic for board games to decline significantly after the lockdown ends, because there is a huge amount of people who are playing these games now. They have never played these games previously and they are loving this well. Experts say there is a better probability that they keep playing even after lockdown ends for the interest that they have grown so far.

There are a lot of mental health benefits of virtual board games while in isolation. Some of them are:

Credits: Shutterstock

  • Strengthens family ties by connecting you.

  • Releases endorphins that make you feel happy.

  • Relieves stress and relaxes you.

  • Shoves away negativity and improves tolerance.

  • Better memory function Improves thinking abilities such as solving problems.

  • Decreases blood pressure

At the end of the day, board games have been a massive source of entertainment during our hard times of quarantine. The craze may or may not last once the lockdown is over. But the social and mental well-being that it did to millions of people across the globe in our early toughest stage of the quarantine should be always appreciated.

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