Top Essentials to have in a College Bag

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

College time, where everyone becomes a grown-up. Even if you do not notice, there is a change that comes when you start going to college. You become a responsible individual and you get the freedom to do things on your own terms.

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If you are just about to start college and struggling what are some essentials that you might need, don’t worry as a second-year student, I will guide you through all the things that you need to survive the college year without any hassles or troubles.

1. Hand- Sanitizer and Face-Mask

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The COVID-19 has made everyone’s life pretty difficult in its daily functioning. A sanitizer with an extra mask in your bag should be a must to keep yourself free from all the bacteria. In college, you cannot trust what all is clean, you are touching door handles, tables, chairs and even shaking hands with people. So, having a pocket-size sanitizer is a must which should be with you at all times.

2. Planner

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The best way to stay organized is to keep track of everything like when your assignment is due, an extra class, or any reminders that you need to remember. I recommend a pocket-size planner which doesn’t take much space or isn’t too heavy. But they should be durable enough to last through the entire year.

3. Water- Bottle

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When you are on campus, you will be walking a lot from class to class. A water-bottle will come in handy especially during the summertime when it is scorching hot outside. Also, this will save you some money from buying a bottle of water from outside. It is even better for the environment because you are using less plastic. Getting a bottle up to 1L is idle to last you throughout the entire day. But if it gets over, you can keep refilling it from the water tank.

4. Notebook with different sections

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Getting a notebook that has dividers in it to divide the number of classes you have is the best thing ever. Your work will be in a single place all organized without taking much space in your bag. Getting a notebook that isn’t too bulky will make your bag lighter, making it easier for you to travel around.

5. Headphones

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Headphones are your absolute best friend during college. Using headphones to listen to music while you are going to class or even in between classes makes you happy and keeps your spirits high. If you are travelling through public transport then you need these to while away time.

6. Phone Charger

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In college, you are using your phone pretty much the entire time you are there. And being on campus the entire day will exhaust your phone battery. So, having a portable charger or an extra charger will keep you going through the entire day when you might have an extra tutoring session or you might be going outside for lunch with your friends.

7. Your wallet

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From where will you pay all the money to all the things you need to buy. My tip for you is to keep enough amount of cash but not too much in your wallet because there are some cases where people might steal from you. Also, you can keep your VISA cards, college id, and all the important things with you.

8. Snacks

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Going to classes throughout the day will make you hungry. When you don’t have time to go to the cafeteria, you should have a variety of snacks to keep your hunger satisfied. I would recommend having some snack bars or even some fruits which are nutritious.

9. Tissues

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You need tissues inside your bag because there surely must be a time where you might need a tissue but you don’t have it. It may seem unimportant right now but trust me you need a tissue. Besides blowing your nose or wiping your face, you can pick up dirty things and clean up small messes.

10. First Aid Kit

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When are in a rush, there might be cases where you have hurt yourself and don’t have anything to take care of it. You should have a small first aid kit with some bandages, antiseptic cream, and antibacterial wipes. It doesn’t take up much space and you will thank yourself when you need it and need it.

I hope this helped you and made you consider some options that you earlier did not consider. The ultimate choice is up to you, the key is that your bag should not be full of junk and should have all the things that you need it.

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