Top 5 books which need movie adaptations

With huge entertainment platforms like Netflix and Amazon booming up in this lock-down, requirement for amusing, captivating and endorsed material is all time high.

Who wouldn't want to see their favorite characters come to life in addition to charming visuals ,terrific sound effects and the gigantic adventurous journeys:

Here I post my top 5 books (no specific order) which need immediate movie adaptations:


- H.G. Wells

published 1897

Griffin, a rude and discourteous scientific researcher, arrived and stayed alone at an inn in Iping. He stole money from his father for his research in optics, working on the theory of invisibility. He successfully experimented his research on a cat and then on himself, turning him invisible, but now he cannot turn back to normal! Later a lot of complications and brutality occurred due to his strange behavior, fearing the villagers who tried to capture him, enraging Griffin who claimed to harm( murder) anyone on his way

This would make a marvelous thriller movie set in the 19th early century, with the characters wearing long coats and hats! Peaky Blinders vibes!


Anne McCaffrey


Love for fantasies and dragons! This series of 23 novels will take you through an adventurous ride in a fantasy planet Pern with Lords, dragons, towns.

A Netflix series adaptation would do justice to this series, with high-quality visuals, gigantic dragons and exemplary adventures


John Flanagan


Will, an orphan under the guidance of master Ranger, to be a tremendous knight like his father. He enjoys his ranger training a new direction in life.

An epic TV series of these 12 books would be a thirst-quencher to adventure/action lovers.


William Gibson


The expansion of technologies in the 21st century- the risks and hazards. A woman with psychological sensitivity in pursuit to decipher the cause of jolts in the internet community.

A great movie on technology and globalisation, in a creative way, would be a great sci-fi blockbuster!


Tara Westover


An inspirational memoir of the author Tara Westover, her journey from a rural area in Idaho to Cambridge University brought up by survivalist parents having religious belifes, with tne vision to learn and grow into an Educated invidual in its true sense.

A movie adaptation of this would be great illustration of inspiration for young people who have huge dreams but little support.

The books are to remind us what assess and fools we are. They're Caesar's praetorian guard, whispering as the parade roars down the venue, remember, Caesar, THOU ART MORTAL.
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