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Updated: Aug 4, 2020

This is not a step by step guide to self care, Its a process to fall in love with yourself!

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1. Preparation

Change can only happen when we are willing to change and self love is all about you and what you think.

Its absolutely important for you to mentally prepare yourself for self love and appreciation.

Change those sheets, clean the space, relax your mind and tell your mind to relax and be grateful to your body and yourself to give yourself this day.

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2. Set the INTENTION


Make it about you. You are not doing it to cater to the eyes of the world. Its about you honoring your body and soul. Giving yourself the love that it deserves.

You are not even thinking about relieving stress here, although that is a by product of this process. FEED YOURSELF LOVE. You are celebrating yourself. This is like how we celebrate our children, our loved ones. CELEBRATE YOURSELF.

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3. Masking

Nurture your body by applying masks.

Keep the order right. First apply a hair mask, then a face mask.

You can also apply mask to your arms, legs, underarms, etc.

KEEP IT NEAT AND CLEAN. You don't want to have mask on your palms as it will restrict you from utilizing this time. You will feel bounded which will make masking a task.

Apply it with a brush and if you use your hands then wash your hands to do the next step.

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4. Be powerful

There are a lot of things that you can do while the masks do the magic.

Some of our favorites are Breath work, Meditation, Journaling, Listening to your favorite songs and dancing.

If you have not applied mask to your whole body, take this time to give yourself a massage. We have a need to give love and receive love.

Massage your body with oil and fingers radiating too much love and appreciation.

Give the love and receive the love. Don't be afraid to touch your body, its your body.

Love yourself a little too much.

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5. The art of bathing

This process is not for one day. Use these things everyday.

You can dedicate a day in a week to give yourself special care and pampering.

Its about mindsets you incorporate in your everyday routine. Be mindful when you bath.

Bath yourself with nurturing hands. Massage your body with soap with delicacy and be present of what you feel, what your hands are touching.

Massage your face with warmth. Massage with your finger knuckles, it feels great. Be sure to cover your whole face.

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6. Your best attire

This is something that we all are guilty for. We create an outfit that we love and we save it for a special day like going to the mall, or on a date or somewhere. We wear the clothes we love less often than we should.

This day is special. Your existence today is special. You are special.

Wear that crop top, red pants, black lace top, that Saree you love, that headband, those colored lenses you love, literally anything that you love, that makes you feel happy. MAKE IT SPECIAL.

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7. Be a Freaking Rockstar

Sometimes we can crave to feel like a Rockstar or a teenager again or like a model and much more and we end up getting jealous of the people that do have these things. These are things that our heart craves and muses. Only you truly know what you need in order to feel loved, whole and REAL. Acknowledge it.

Give that to yourself.

Hold space, take space. Give yourself permission to be, to love yourself and own in.

You belong to the world as much as anyone. You are as important as anyone in this world.

So, be a Rockstar. Give yourself permission to feel like a Rockstar. Maybe dress like it and take pictures. Rock it with your singing. Jump on your bed and sing at the top of your lungs. Make the crowd go wild. Show it to the world.Or, don't show it to the world. Be in the World.

Make the world your happy place.


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