Thirteen Tricks To Attain A Sustainable Lifestyle

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Ever wondered what led to the vanishing of greenery from the cityscape of metropolis?

Or the adverse effects of this rapid industrialisation?

Birth of numerous sustainable and ethical brands proves the fact that these questions are indeed thought instilling. It’s high time that we take the initiative of making environmentalism a part of mainstream everyday culture. It’s no secret that we are immensely responsible for climate change, global warming, depletion of the ozone layer and resource depletion. Even though our planet has already been exposed to prominent damages, it’s never too late to take eco-friendly steps towards modifying our behaviour.


Try switching to more sustainable options for commuting. Some alternatives include:

  • Simply choose to walk down the alley or revive your long lost hobby of cycling.

  • On your mundane visit to office or college, opt for public transportation.

  • It’s highly recommended that you choose carpools or van-pools over individual vehicles.

  • You can even ask your company if teleworking or remote working is possible. If not the latter, then alternate work schedules can be an option too.

source: Google


The disposal of electronics results in an ample amount of waste ending up in landfills. The toxins found in electronics, can leak into the soil or release into the air through burning.

To prevent these toxic leakages, look for e-waste recycling programs in your locality or simply take the initiative to organise one. Specialised centres can safely dispose of electrical parts and may be able to recycle some of them. Many manufacturers take up old products to recycle their parts.


Just work upon converting the plastic items around you to bio-degradable ones. A couple of them include:

  • Replacing your plastic lunch box with a steel or metal one.

  • Using wooden pegs instead of the plastic ones.

  • Give up on chewing gums as half of the ones in the market are made of plastic or simply opt for the organic ones.

  • Speculate the bin before throwing away your plastic waste else it might end up at the wrong place. Make sure it’s the right one and not the one for disposing bio-degradable waste.

Source: Google


Commit to something that lasts a lifetime:

  • Replace the plastic straws with metal or bamboo ones.

  • Disposable paper napkins can be altered with a wiping cloth or a handkerchief.

  • Purchase rechargeable batteries instead of the use-and-throw ones.


You will end up saving trillions of trees by choosing not to receive those paper bills.


Early to bed and early to rise will not only make you healthy, wealthy and wise but you will end up saving a good percentage of electricity too. Thus, use daylight as much as possible and go to bed early.

Source: Google


In order to prevent the free flow of energy, switch off the devices or unplug them when not required.


Make sure to tightly close all taps in your house after use or to call a plumber immediately to seal any leaking pipelines. Several Indian localities even practice rain water harvesting to prevent themselves from shortage of water during adverse times.


An example of energy efficient appliances is the energy saver bulbs, booster water heaters and solar water heaters. These appliances can operate under lower temperature and energy settings which sustain their functionality until the completion of tasks. Take a tiny step by just changing the lighting in your home from traditional light bulbs to CFL, using skylights and more natural light, you will reduce your demand for energy resources significantly.

Source: Google


Surround yourself with indoor plants if you lack an open space for a garden. Plants will not only purify the air around you but concurrently diminish the carbon foot prints.


Choosing renewable energy over fossil fuels is a considerable way to deter from climate change. Solar panels can be installed for solar water heating. Switching to a sustainable search engine like Ecosia that run 100% on renewable energy can certainly make some differences. They even use some of their profits to plant trees. You can opt for solar energy chargers too.

Source: Google


It’s the era of Do-it-yourself on the internet. Refer to this plethora of easy tutorials to produce your own non-toxic homemade cleaning products, natural body products, personal care products, and other utility product.

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It’s immensely advisable not to waste food. Take the initiative to turn your organic waste to wealth. One can simply create a compost pile at the backyard of the house to dispose of scraps.

Source: Google

To sum up, what is required is not just the change in habits but significant modification in this society's mindset too. The negative effects on our soil, water, air and health can be mitigated only if we engage in sustainable management. Therefore, embracing a wholesome sustainable livelihood is the need of the hour.

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