The Wonders of Coffee

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Be it preparing for the exams late at night or in the midst of a lively chatting session during ice-cold winters or getting refreshed during long and tiring office hours, coffee always plays a significant role. Just a sip will help you get rid of all sorts of exhaustion. Whether it is a discussion or a debate, coffee works magically in all situations.

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The vivid way in which coffee is ingrained in our daily lives is depicted in the fact that each lane and bylane of the city is as if a coffee colony. From renowned food chains to roadside stalls there are arrangements for coffee in every place. Nowadays there is an intense addiction to coffee everywhere. Previously coffee was a drink for the general elite people of the city. Coffee is not treated as a mere component of discussions and conversations anymore. Instead, people of all age groups ranging from eight to eighty visit the cafes to taste various flavours of coffee.

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Coffee was introduced by the Arabs. Coffee was known as Kaya in Yemen, which was further named as Kahwa in Turkey. It changed hands and reached Britain and thus begun the Coffee Revolution. It is heard that coffee had then become so popular that 3000 cafes had opened in England in a timespan of just 50 years.

This effectual drink was made using warm water, coffee powder, and sugar. Around 1680, the people of Vienna gave a new touch to coffee. It began to be made using honey and cream. The colour changed to a brownish one, which is now known as cappuccino. This changed style prevails even now. There are numerous kinds of coffee including hot and cold ones.

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Coffee has grown extremely popular recently. Coffee festivals and coffee breweries have grown quite trendy these days. The recent years have seen plantations of coffee in India in states such as Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, and North Indian states. Coffee plants were only found in Yemen and Arab before. In 1616, the Dutch brought coffee to the then Netherlands. After that, coffee plantations began in the Indian Malabar region and Indonesia.

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Coffee works wonders in our daily lifestyles. Whether it is on your breakfast table in the morning or in between your office hours or spending some quality time with your lover, coffee always makes its presence felt. It depends on your preference which coffee you want to have. Mocha, a mixture of dense milk and dark chocolate leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. The balance of coffee and chocolate has to be proper for this. If the quantity of milk is increased in place of chocolate, it becomes a latte, which is a favourite of the French. There are people who do not prefer such dense coffee. On the contrary, they like the bitterness of the espresso with a bit of brown sugar. Italians never begin their day without an espresso. Turkish coffee is black as coal. The dark, dense, sweet, and intense Turkish coffee is generally served after meals. It is now available in many cafes in our city as well. Irish coffee is for people who like to be fancy. It is as if a coffee cocktail- sweet and intense. It comes in a combination of sugar and a little quantity of Irish whiskey. The all-time favourite Cappucino with frothy designs is also there in the list.

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Besides hot coffees, cold coffees are equally popular. Cream, ice cream, brownie, choco chips, and a lot more additions are made to iced coffees. Nitrogen infused coffee is also there. Its process is no less than an ordeal. After roasting Kenya coffee beans in medium temperature, it is brewed for 48 hours at 0-5 degrees centigrade. Then this special coffee is mixed with 3-litre cold brew and 3-litre nitrogen gas infused water.

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The list of unique coffees is increasing day by day. It is because of the love for coffee that many international coffee chains are growing in the city. They are crowded even at 12 o'clock in the night. The making of coffee is not less than any art. An ideal temperature is required for the water; an alteration in which changes the taste of the coffee. A different kind of technique is needed to make cold coffee. Then only it can excite you with its flavour and aroma.

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