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The Art of Getting A Tattoo

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

“Wear your heart on your skin in this life.”

-Slyvia Path

I got a tattoo a year ago and there would be no denying in saying that I had thought at least a thousand times before getting it not only because it was my first one but also because I wanted it to be perfect and never regret it. Tattoos are a pervasive ideogram of style and expressing oneself but what keeps us from getting it is the stigma attached to it. How will my parents react? Will I be judged for it? What if everyone hates it? Will it be worth the pain? Well like I said there are thousands of thoughts but if you start thinking along the right lines everything will fall into place. Here are a few things which you should have in mind before getting inked.

Zayn Malik's Mandala art tattoo is one of his 60 tattoos.

Image source: Google


Tattoos are meant to express and not to impress others. Getting inked for what you aspire will always remind you to grow and even if things change it will be a fond remembrance of what you were. So you should delve into boatloads of texts and patterns available on Google and Instagram to find the best fit. The most popular designs are dragons, butterfly,wings, stars, etc.


Choose the site of the tattoo wisely. If you don't want it to be too revealing you can have it inside of the arm or any place that can be accessorized to shroud it. Also if you are planning to get inked around a high-level nerve ending area or which has low fat e.g ribs, feet, neck the pain is going to be worse. If you want it to be least painful go for outer arm, calves, or outer shoulder.

Megan Fox got inked with this beautiful quote by Shakespeare.

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3.Safety Measures

The tattoo culture has grown into the mainstream in recent years and so has the risk that goes along with it. You should always prefer a licensed tattoo parlor which takes all the necessary measures before and after inking. One should always check for fresh needles and the best quality ink. The aftermath involves keeping the area moisturized with tattoo creams and avoid picking at it or prolonged sunlight exposure.

4.Think it through

Before getting a tattoo you should be aware of the fact that it will limit career paths because there are many jobs that prohibit any kind of tattoos on your body especially the government jobs in the army, navy, IAS, etc.although there are a few exceptions for tribal communities. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you get a tattoo from a state-regulated parlor you can donate blood anytime and if done otherwise you will have to wait for 12 months to donate blood.

5.Myths and facts

There is plenty of bizarre stuff people believe in when comes to tattoos.E.g.Multicolored tattoo cannot be removed. This isn't entirely true because monochrome tattoos can be removed with laser treatment although colors like yellow, white, and pink are difficult to get rid of. Another common belief is that applying a lot of ointment can heal the tattoo faster which is absolutely false because in this case, the skin doesn't get to breathe which might complicate the process of healing. One more popular myth is that chlorinated water fades the ink which isn't true because it cannot into the skin. So to avoid such confusion you should always ask your queries from a licensed tattoo artist rather than just believing anything you come across.

These are a handful of things you should keep in mind while getting a tattoo. We all have been gifted with bodies and we can do as we please but that feeling when you look down on your body and see a piece that defines you in so many different ways is priceless.

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