The Art of Budget Travelling

“Travelling is fun”

The extensively spoken line in our country ( except for “kitne marks bane” and “khush-khabari kab aayegi”). Except for routine trips to tea stalls and temples places like Goa, Ooty, and other foreign destinations still remain a fantasy for many Indians. I can even speculate that half the nation hasn't been to Delhi: the capital of India even once in their life When asked why the excuse is simply one: “Not enough money!”. The ticket to this (pun intended) is 'budget travel’. Here are a few know how's

Get your priorities straight

What is more important to you?

Exploring the wonders of the world by little the ing on the residence and food part or just getting a 5-star hotel room and experience their expensive dinner

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Go offseason

Well, this is the best-known way. Going off-season helps s to avoid off-season rush and get better deals for bookings.

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Look for resorts and deals

This one brushes off the myth about resorts being expensive and just for Richie rich. Well you will be surprised to know that many resorts such lavish and mouth-watering deals at such an affordable price that it makes them too hard to pass

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Book commodity in advance

Booking early gives us many options to choose on and definitely a real deal-breaker and goes easy on wallets

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Use public transport for travel

It doesn't hurt once in a while to travel to a local bus or train. Even though the cab booking business is easier, it leaves us with empty pockets. In Fact, travelling in public transport is itself quite an adventure P.S. I myself experienced this thrill during my trip to Mumbai, it still gives me goosebumps

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Roam and eat like a local

Wearing Bermuda shorts and sneakers along with a travelling bag and packaged drinking water and a DSLR steering your way with the help of Google maps doesn't help you much but definitely makes you a target of tourist traps. Dress inconspicuously as a local and try to act like one. Trust me it really helps

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Get a job overseas

This is one of the most exciting prospects. You can travel the world alongside earning a few bucks. It's like the perfect gift. There are trustworthy sites which help you look for jobs overseas and get you going

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Look for couch surfing / Hostel

Using Couchsurfing websites is the latest trend in travel industries. You get to stay in one of the locals' homes who are interested to know people from different cultures. Sometimes you get a room, sometimes a couch and even an air mattress. But it is definitely worth it!

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Use student discounts

always carry your student ID card to redeem discounts and satisfy your wanderlust

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Rent a bicycle

and say a big fat no to taxis. It even helps you stay fit and burn calories from all those local delicacies you devour

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Look for mix and match using different airports

This is the least acknowledged fact. For example, a direct aeroplane flight From NY to LON costs more than if we book different flights with layovers. Plus you get to have a mini trip inside a trip

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Shop at local markets and learn to haggle

As embarrassing and awkward bargaining feels, it is a must. Whenever while bargaining you feel embarrassed or cheap just think that the shopkeeper doesn't and never will know you. So your dignity is intact. Besides most shopkeepers give in to bargaining and if he doesn't (a rare case), well it was definitely worth the try

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NO to Souvenirs

As cute as those matching tees of Thailand and cups printed with Singapore and amazing graphics look. Resist them and save lots of money on you

P.S. I myself wasted €100 on two cute looking glass balls with Switzerland written on them. In reality, it turned out to be a bland paper which eventually came off

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Travel in groups

If you travel with a group of your friends, it's gonna cut your expenses with your personal input be planning and really insignificant amount of money. Also, that's some crazy bonding time right there.

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So, my folks, it's not hard to travel if only you apply some tactics. Have a safe and happy travelling!

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