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Tea Landscapes in India

Chai, che, cha, cha, cha, te, the, thee, tee!

No no! I wasn't practicing the Chinese language. In fact, most of the Indians' addiction, Our beloved tea is known by these many names across the world. Did you know that tea is the 2nd most consumed drink? Of course, it should be. After all, Tea lovers can't even imagine their morning or maybe life without tea.

Whether you are a tea lover or not. You will be proud to read that "India is the largest producer of Tea in the world and 4th largest exporter in the world." Yeah! India's tea plantations are aesthetic and worth visiting for everyone. These are places of beauty and aroma.

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Tea keeps us refreshing so traveling to observe those verdant landscapes will do.

So, here I am up with 10 best tea landscapes that you must visit. Are you ready?

Let's start,

The very first place in our list of tea landscapes is Well-known...


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Assam is the largest tea producer in India. Furthermore, it is the largest tea production area in the world.

But, more than this, Assam's tea plantations are also known for their close connection with nature. But, how this all started?

Source: thestatesman

Tea has always been there in Assam. The locals would pluck the tea leaves, make a decoction, and have it.

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This was fascinating for Britishers and then they started their own plantations in Assam. Assam tea is well known all over the world. It should be, after all, Assam has a huge number of beauteous tea plantations.

You can visit Manohari tea estate, Sonapur tea estate, Jonktolle tea estate, Ghograjan tea estate, Assamica agro- organic farm, Mangalam tea estate, Monabarie tea estate, and Nonoi tea estate here.

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You can have 'old-world' vacations experience too in Assam's colonial times' bungalows.

2. Tamil Nadu

The blue mountains of Nilgiri too are producing tea since 1835. If you will have a sip of Nilgiris teas, you can't ever think of forgetting it. The delightful dark color, strong and delicate aroma can never let the tea out of your memory.

Source: India mart

Well, these plantations are unique from other Indian tea plantations. Do you know why? Because here tea is grown all throughout the year. Amazing, isn't it?

It's too difficult not to fall in love with this area.

3. Munnar, Kerala

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Munnar, a well-known hill station of Kerala for its peace and tranquility. Maybe, that's the reason These tea landscapes are delightful.

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But you must know that because of having the First-Ever Tea Museum of India, it's a known tourist attraction too.

It shouldn't be missing now from your places to visit list.

4. Kangra

Kangra is also known as the 'Valley of Gods', Himachal Pradesh's famous region. It is also popular as the Tea Capital of Northern India. The chief attraction of the town is lush tea gardens.

One more fact is that Kangra Valley is the smallest tea region in the whole country. It produces black and green tea.

Source: wudbox

Source: wudbox

Wah tea estate and Darang tea estates are renowned tea plantations in Himachal Pradesh which offer appealing hospitality to the visitors.

Next time, when you will visit Kangra make sure that You visit these tea plantations too.

5. Karnataka

Well, Karnataka is well-known as the largest coffee producer in India. The state is also a leading contributor to tea in India. Karnataka's largest tea producing region Coorg.

Here the attraction is the tea production process. Kelagur estate uses traditional techniques for tea production.

Organic tea is a great attraction for tea enthusiasts.

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Their work from Heart for us...:)

So, these was all about some tea lanscapes in India which are worth visiting. Well, I am not a tea lover but these aesthetic places are so appealing. I am going to add them in my must visit places' list. Are you?

Thank you for reading till here.

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