Some Unique Love and Wedding Traditions

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What is the most fascinating thing you have done in love? You may have waited for hours at the bus stop, filled your diaries with sweet poems or moved around from one store to another in search of a ring that your wife would like. Have you ever participated in an obstacle race while carrying your wife on your back or gifted a whale's teeth to your would-be father-in-law to please him? No, don't be surprised. There are such traditions all across the globe which will amaze you. Here's presenting you a few of these unique love traditions.

  • Juliet's Balcony (Italy)

When Shakespeare had penned down the tale of Romeo-Juliet, did he know these characters would gain such popularity? When people talk about lovers, they happen to take their names. This is why famous directors all over the world have made a number of remarkable films based on this tale. Be it a story or a movie, certain scenes have gained iconic status. One of these is Juliet's coming to the balcony with Romeo waiting below. The scene of singing Romeo offering love to Juliet is certainly a memorable one. It is the reason why this balcony is different from several others. Every year, thousands of people visit Casa De Giulietta in Verona to cherish this love story forever. According to Shakespeare's novels, the Capulets used to reside in this 14th-century house. Graphitti is spread all over the walls and balcony of this building. Many have carved their lovers' names here. Others attach hand-written love letters on the wall. There are people who propose marriage to their lovers. Juliet's Balcony is a witness to all these events.

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  • Love Padlocks (Rome)

If you have read Frederico Moccia's book 'I Want You', you will have an idea of this thing. Inspired by this story, the youngsters of Rome visit Ponte Milvio with their lovers. They place locks on the bridge and throw the keys in the water. This step is believed to be an indication of preserving their love forever. Often, people carve their initials out on the locks. Lovers rush here from all over the world to stay together until the end. This tradition is not limited to Rome. It has spread in certain other places in the world also.

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  • Wife Carrying World Championship (Finland)

You certainly know about horse and camel races but have you heard of competitions where you have to run while carrying your wife or lover on your back? This is exactly what happens at the Sonkajarvi village in Finland. Every year hundreds and thousands of people come to take part in these races. The husbands have to cross unique obstacle courses or fences or water and run towards the finishing point. Unmarried couples will not be able to participate in this race. The winning prize is a beer equivalent to the weight of the wife and lots of appreciation from everyone.

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  • Gerewol Festival (Wodaabe Tribe)

You must have seen or heard of beauty pageants. The Gerewol Festival is also a kind of beauty pageant. However, only male competitors of the Wodaabe tribe take part and the three most beautiful ladies of the same tribe play the role of judges. With red mud painted on their faces, eyes deeply lined with kohl, lipsticks, and the feathers of the flightless bird rhea tucked on their heads, the males present their talent in front of the females. They put forth sexual dances. The winner gets the chance to choose his wife. They can even take away other's wife. The females are the centre of attraction in this Swayamvara session. Even the ladies, including the married ones, can select their husbands. The men then do not stand in a position to refuse. The females can abandon their first husband and marry another one easily. This festival takes place in September every year.

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  • Imilchil Marriage Festival (Morocco)

The Imilchil village is surrounded by the Atlas Mountains. An annual unique session of Swayamvara takes place in September here. The residents of the Berber tribal clan select their husbands or wives. It is heard that several centuries ago, the son and the daughter of two rival tribes fell in love with each other. Their families did not accept their love. They used to cry always in disappointment and frustration. Out of the tears, were created two waterbodies- 'Isli' meaning bridegroom and 'Tislit' meaning bride. Unable to bear the separation, they committed suicide by jumping into this waterbody. After this, the residents of the Imilchil village decided that the boys and girls would marry whoever they chose to. Thus started this marriage festival. All decked up boys and girls from nearby villages also come here. If they like each other, the marriage date is fixed in consultation with each other's families. This consent is also indicated in a different method. The boy can hold the girl's hand if she signals him. If she removes her hand, it depicts that she is uninterested in the relationship. If someone says, "You have taken away my liver", it means that the marriage should be held as soon as possible. The Berber tribe pays more importance to the liver than the heart. According to them, true love evolves from the liver and not the heart.

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  • Blackening Bride (Scotland)

Before the wedding, the brides do a lot of things to look beautiful. This is not the case with would-be brides in Scotland. On the contrary, a few days or a few weeks before the wedding arrangements are made for making them look ugly. The bridegrooms are not an exception even. Family and friends forcibly throw rotten eggs, food, fish, colours, and the like on them. Then they are made to parade for showing everyone. The would-be couple is irritated and annoyed as much as possible by their close ones. The Scots feel that they will be best prepared for the marriage if they are insulted in this manner.

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  • Jumping Broom (Africa)

It is an age-old tradition. After the marriage, the newly wedded couple has to jump over a broom. This tradition is a symbol of the beginning of a new life and bidding farewell to the past. Many brides make their brooms. These brooms are not ordinary looking. They are decorated with silk ribbons, silk flowers, bows, and beads. Poems or songs are played in the background during the ceremony. In many cases, the guests put slips with their names on the body of the broom. This arrangement is done to offer the best wishes to the newly married couple.

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  • Big Rich Wedding (Greece)

Various entertaining rituals are involved in Greek weddings. The most astounding one is the first couple dance of the newly married couple. This dance is different from several other dances. According to this ritual, the invited guests put garlands of notes on the dresses on the bridegroom and the groom. The bet is to watch whose garland of notes falls the first while dancing. It is celebrated to thank the guests.

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There is no particular way of expressing love. As long as you do not hurt your lover's sentiments, you can do everything you wish to showcase your love. So, go ahead and fill your partner with mesmerizing love.

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