Some communications techniques that are proven effective

Have you ever get tricked by someone who seems honest but not. Or ever feel bore with a person who you know he/she care about you so much but they are dull. Well, it's because communication skills matter very much. If you want to succeed in anything, whether its business, relationship or socially you should have good communication skills.

So today, we are going to share with some proven techniques you can master to be a better communicator and make others feel good.

1. Impress them without even saying a word:-

You can make 80% of your first impression from the way you look and move. Have a warm smile. Yes, having a warm smile can make others feel that they are special. But don't to fast. see them for a sec and then smile slowly. But don't make it to floody.

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We all have listen that, keep eye contact whenever you are with someone. But sometimes it will make you look creepy. So don't make it very long.

After the smile and eye contact, now its time for how you should move or stand. Always keep your back straight, your shoulder back, and your chest forward. You will look more confident.

2. Become a Good Listener:-

There are so many advantages you can get just by listening to others. You can get other's mindsets on a particular thing, or you can increase your vocabulary. But you can use this technique in becoming a great communicator.

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Whenever you are talking to someone, try to listen carefully without changing your focus to other thoughts or things around you. This will make them feel, that they are special to you, and you are listening to them. Just respond with a smile or a nodding. This technique will definitely make you an effective communicator.

3. Don't just talk about yourself:-

Do you ever feel bored with a self-obsessed person? Its because they just always talk about themselves without giving importance to others. Maybe even you also do this, and then wonder, why others feel bored around you.

Then use this technique. When talking to someone don't just dominate the conversation. Ask them about their family, their likes and dislikes, their hobbies, etc. Make them feel that they are important to you and you understand them. Use words more like We, you, yourself instead of I, Me, Myself.

4. See how they feeling:-

Talk to others according to the way they are feeling. Listen to their tone carefully, then predict how they feeling. if they sound demotivated, try to motivate them, If they look sad, make them happy, and if they look happy, then be the part of their happiness. They will feel important.

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5. Don't sound negative:-

Whenever you are talking to someone don't sound negative. You can sound negative in many ways without even knowing. Like complaining about your job, your rude boss, your wife, or government.

By this, they will feel negative around you and then slowly start ignoring you. So whenever you are talking to someone don't complain about anything. We are not saying that don't ask for advice. People even like to give advice. They feel important. But only take advice not do complain.

6. Conversate clearly:-

We all like a person who can make us understand difficult things easily. This one of the biggest qualities of a great communicator. We all like our teacher who can explain difficult maths problems, science theories, economics easily just like youtube guys. And feel bore when some teacher even explaining us right but not clearly.

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Other than this there are several more proven techniques that you can follow to be one of the greatest communicators in your circle. Be confident while talking or walking, don't judge others, and then you can make anybody feel more confident and happy around you.

We all know how much communication skills matter. Whether you want to impress someone, to sell something, or to make anyone comfortable around you. So follow these simple techniques, practice them often and you will feel more people start liking you. If you have any views then don't hesitate to mention it in a comment. like and share if you like it.

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