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“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet”-Colette. I guess all of us can agree that our pets are the perfect companions. One look at them at the end of a bad day will make us happy and grateful that we have our fur friends with us. Our pets might be happy that their parents are with them constantly in this pandemic but we are finding it a tad bit difficult to keep them engaged in the lock down. While most of our four-legged friends might sleep for many hours they should be engaged in various activities that will keep them physically and mentally fit in this pandemic. So, let us dive into the article.


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Every dog owner knows how their dogs will react when their dogs hear this word. But it has become difficult to take them out in the pandemic. So, what is the solution? Simple if you live in an individual house or an apartment then take them to the terrace and play with them. If you do not have access to a terrace then you can take them for a walk down your street. But take the necessary precautions. Before you enter the house make your dog stand on a newspaper for some time or clean your dog’s paws with water mixed with Dettol or any disinfectant.


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Since we have more than enough time in our hands, we can concentrate on refreshing our pets training. Along with that, we could also teach them new and cool tricks with their favorite treats! It is important to potty train them as well because they are restricted to go out after a certain time. So, use their favorite treats to refresh basic tricks and training.


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If you have a backyard or an empty space large enough to build a maze then stop waiting and engage your pet with it. It is easy to build a maze with the following materials

1. Cardboard

2. Large books

3. Vessels

4.Big boxes

5. Ropes and sticks.

These are easily available in our house. Add a few treats in the maze here and there. VOILA! Your DIY maze is ready!


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Our fur friends love their toys and you can increase their joy by making DIY toys. As mentioned earlier we will be using only things which are available in our house.

1. Ropes

2. Old t-shirts

3. Plastic bottles

4. Towels

5. Socks

6. Sticks

7. Tennis balls

These can be used in various DIY ideas to create amazing toys for your pets which I’m sure they will love.


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Grooming is an integral part of having a pet. This lockdown has given us lots of time to concentrate on our pets well- being. Pay extra attention to your pets grooming. Give them massages and get yourself drenched while giving lather filled bathes to your furry babies. Pamper them by brushing their coats and teeth, trim their nails, and clean their ears. Your pet will feel pampered and you will feel contented.


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Picture Credits : Google

Many people have Instagram/ YouTube accounts for their pooches and felines. You can make them do various challenges like the “patience” challenge or “what the fluff” challenge. This is a great way to keep your doggies engaged. You can make them do various activities and document them in your account which will be helpful in keeping your pet occupied and also in keeping the audience hooked to your content.

This lock down has offered us ample time to cuddle with our fur buddies so let us make the best use of it. They make our lives better and happy, let us show some love by keeping them physically and mentally fit amidst this pandemic. Stay safe.

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