All of us desire of having too many shoes , but you can never have too many shoes . It is impossible to jump on every trend , sometimes we don’t have enough space in our closet and sometimes we don’t have budget to buy multiple shoes . Honestly , even if you have many shoes in your closet , still you will feel dissatisfied and desire to buy more . This list of shoes will help you look fashionable .

PUMPS : Pumps exclusively refers to women's high heels. Pumps are usually close toe or peep toe with a heel of 1 inch or less . Black leather pumps and nude leather pumps are attractive . It can be paired with almost every outfit .

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BLOCK HEELS : Block heels are far chunkier than pencil heels . It provides more support to your heel area and makes you feel more comfortable . Block heels are best for events where you have to stand and dance .

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TRANSPARENT HEELS : Also called clear heels , are high heeled footwear made from transparent material . They are absolutely classy , stylish and comfortable to wear . These shoes make your outfit sexy .

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STRAPPY SANDALS : These sandals consist straps , ropes , strings or lace attached to foot generally between first and second toe . Having a strap around your ankle will give your ankle more support . These sandals are very fashionable .

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BOOTS : Boots are generally made up of leather . They are comfortable and provides support to your ankle . These are best since you can walk easily with these shoes , these are ware best for winters .

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KNEE HIGH BOOTS : Knee high boots are in fashion since very long and even now each girl desires of having it . In winters you can wear knee high shoes with casual jeans , but you will look amazing if you pair it with a mini skirt or a short dress .

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SNEAKERS : Sneaker trend will never die . Sneakers are very comfortable and stylish too . Every girl must have a pair of sneakers for comfort .

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BALLERINA FLATS : These shoes will be the best for the girls who wants no weight or discomfort on their ankles .Ballerina flats not only help you to walk properly but are very stylish and trendy .

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FLAT SANDALS : Flats are slipper like in construction with very thin or completely flat heel . Your flats must be of good quality or a good brand , otherwise it can lead to injury on your heels .

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LOAFERS : loafers are shoes like in construction , it do not have laces . You just have to slide your foot into it . Loafers are not formal shoes but can be paired with coat and tie . These are very comfortable .

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These amazing shoes are small in number but this list will make you look fashionable with almost every outfit . Also with these shoes you can have many looks
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