Rose Glow Kit- Deyga Organics

Are you looking to shift to natural bath and body products without breaking the bank? Don't the usual off-the-rack bath and body goods suit the bill?

Deyga Organics is the place you need to find out right now. It stocks up on handmade, organic goods and as pure as they can get. With the use of natural ingredients, Deyga Organics offers products such as toners, face wash, shampoos, face serum, face, and lip scrubs, soap bars, cold-pressed oils, face packs, and talcum powders.

Roses, the world's most famous flowers, are icons of beauty and love. Not only are rose blossoms commonly recognized as the sign of devotion, but there are also numerous benefits to the skin from a rose.

Rose Glow Kit is a combo offered by Deyga Organics which includes different handcrafted products -

  1. Rose pink clay soap

  2. Rose glow serum 

  3. Rose scrub

  4. Rose and mulethi pack

  5. Rose toner

  6. Rose talc-free powder

  7. Rose Geranium body butter

How to use-

STEP -1- Rose pink clay soap - Use as a cleanser for face & body twice a day

Rose glow kit
Rose Clay Soap

STEP -2- Rose Scrub - Smooth on the face, can be used every day or if appropriate. Mix the appropriate quantity in the paste with Rose toner, scrub throughout the skin for 60 seconds and wash off.

Rose glow kit
Rose Scrub

STEP -3- Rose Mulethi Pack- The Skin Brightening product should be used once a day. Mix with pure milk to make it a paste, apply & let it dry. Wash them off in 15 minutes.

Rose glow kit
Rose Mulethi Pack

STEP -4- Rose Toner - Spray on as facial mist to clean face & pat off. Cotton can be used to clear the dust. Also, use as a blender for any pack & scrub.

Rose glow kit
Rose Toner

STEP-5- Rose Serum -The ultimate Skin Glow serum works best when applied with gentle massage & left overnight. Use it after 10 minutes of toning.

rose glow kit
Rose Serum

STEP-6- Rose Geranium body butter - To have your skin hydrated & Radiant from neck to toe.

rose glow kit
Rose Geranium body butter

STEP-7- Rose Powder - Dust rose powder all over your face & body to escape your sweat and feel the blooming flowers on-self. Follow-up after Rose butter to make your skin look less oily.

rose glow kit
Rose Powder

The whole Rose Glow Kit combo by Deyga Organics is very true to its name - with all products made of rose extracts and also one can clearly see the difference in their skin after 3-4 use. It makes your skin glow and radiant. And the best part of the aroma of all the products is just amazing and very soothing. All the products are handcrafted, cruelty-free and 100% organic.

It is the ultimate floral blessing that one should experience.

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