Quick Self care Hacks

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Struggling hard to lead a stressful life? Break free from the shackles of daily drudgery and indulge in some self-love and nourishment for your soul.

“Your body is like a phone battery. It tells you when it can’t go any longer. The difference is, your phone, just turns off. But we keep pushing our bodies until they break. Our body has to break to tell us it needs a break” - Jay Shetty

Do you feel your tiresome work is hampering your mental peace?

Detoxify your life by incorporating these effortless yet impactful hacks!

1) Relax

The foremost requirement is just to relax your mind and indulge in some soul-nourishing meditation and yoga. You can devote yourself to reading books, listening to music or watching good cinemas, nurture your plants or refine your long-lost hobby. Basically anything that will calm your inner-self.


2) Learn to say NO

Promise yourself not to go overboard with work. After all, you are not a nutella jar. It’s impossible to please everybody around you.

3) Follow your dreams

Don’t restrict yourself and avoid such stuffs that displease you. You can give a thought about changing your current profession/job, if that’s not satisfactory enough.

Source: Artist Raphael Sanzio

4) Self Pampering

There’s 1440 minutes in a day and there should be no excuse to take out a few minutes to pamper yourself. Quench your skin’s thirst with a pampering spa or a body massage.

5) Express yourself

Convey your feelings. It’s advisable not to bottle up your emotions and hinder your inner peace. Be vocal about your thoughts. Share it among your close circle of near and dear ones whom you look up to for advice.

Source:Saatchi Art

6) Plan a vacation

Plan a gateway for weekend with friends and family or simply take a day off. You can even choose to solo travel for some me-time.

7) Eat healthy

You can even look into your diet if you are involved in junk foods lately. Try to minimise your addictions. Omitting them from your life would be the best possible advice.Indulge in detoxification with a handful of nutritious food.


8) Incorporate something new

Get out of your comfort zone and don't hesitate to add a fresh recreation to your life.

9) Laughter is the key

Shrug-off worries and indulge in some wholesome laughter. Meet your friends, watch some good stand-up comedy or movies. A good laugh can undoubtedly eliminate a lot of negativity.

Source: Artist Christina Carmel

10) Breathe

Last but not the least, take a quick nap or just sit idle for a few minutes and inhale a good amount of oxygen to feel rejuvenated.

Only a few tiny steps can tend your mental, physical and emotional necessities.Hope you take the necessary actions to ditch your dull, menial routine before it’s too late.

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