Winters vary in different parts of the world. While some winters offer pleasant, chilly weather, some are harsh . That’s why it’s important to be well prepared when you’re off to your dream winter vacation. Most of us face the challenge of putting together warm and fashionable clothes in our list . This list will be a perfect and you will definitely look good .

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1. Heavy coats : Put the warmest coat in your bag for winter tour. Coats turn chilly season into pleasant one. Long coat, that extends below knee would be ideal. It will be bit barrier against chilly winds. It is pricy but is durable, warm and looks good .

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2. Sleeveless jacket : is perfect in such cases because they give your arms more freedom of movement and keep your core warm. When temperatures are much colder, vests serve as a great mid-layer between a long sleeved base layer and your outer jacket .

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3.Sweaters : sweaters are very important for winter tours , since they provide layering to our body. You can pair sweaters with anything , must pack neutral colored sweaters .

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4. T-Shirts or tops : Tops not only keeps you warm and properly layered , but also maintain quality of the fabric of sweater since sweater's fabric is delicate . Wool shrinks very easily thats why t-shirts must be worn inside sweaters so that we won't have to wash it very often .

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5. Denim Jeans : You must carry denim jeans wherever you go . Denim jeans add to your looks , they are easy to pair with tops or t-shirts for a casual outfit and also look decent .

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6.Winter inners : provide a layer of warmth while absorbing and evaporating your sweat to keep you feeling warm and comfortable also breathes well . It acts as a constant 'second skin' throughout your day .

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7. Beanies and scarves : Beanies keep your head warm , covers your ears and also give a stylish touch to your outfit . Scarves fully cover your neck hence provide warmth to your neck.

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8. Gloves : Gloves are must for your trip , it would cover your entire hand . Make sure your gloves are warm and could dry easily . Fingerless gloves would allow you doing whatever you want , for example , in trips we have to capture moments with camera . However , if winters are harsh , fingerless gloves might not provide enough protection .

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9.Warm Socks : Boots alone won’t keep your feet warm you need to pack warm woolen socks . 4 to 5 pair of socks would be enough for any tour .

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10. One Pair of Boots : Boots keep your feet warm and dry faster than sneakers or others . Boots match with almost all the outfits and look decent . Also boots are more comfortable than others in winter tours when you have to walk in cold weather , it doesn't allow chilly winds to enter your feet and keeps them warm .

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It is important to be well prepared when you’re off to your dream winter vacation . Dispel all fears and doubts with these winter travel essentials and you’ll be all set to enjoy the cold and maintain your looks .
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