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These are some must read books that you should give a shot. For readers and for non readers.

A book includes everyone and everyone can indulge themselves in a book.

For the "Not a reader"

1. The dip, by seth Godin

The dip is a relatively shorter book than most books I have read. If you are not a reader, which is fine, you won't find it difficult to get through this book. The book is around 50 pages. the language is effective and to the point. the book still gives out the message loud and clear.

what concisely the book talks about is why we succeed and why we don't.

It is okay to quit or not quit.

It helps us understand the importance of knowing what isn't working and what is.

Being stuck with something or some method hurts your progress and success.

Quitting is not a moral failing. But the opposite of quitting isn't waiting around. The writer talks about quitting the right stuff and sticking with the wrong. oh no no , quitting the wrong stuff and sticking with the right stuff. And have the guts to do one or the other.

What is best in the world ? What is world anyway? World is subjective and selfish. If you can't be the best in the world (in the micromarket that you exist ), you might as well quit now. why? Because winners win big. and winners are scarce.

what should you do ? get through with the dip. That's it. Be with the scarce. Or know when it is time to quit. And when it is a bad idea to quit ( in the dip, ofcourse ).

Want to feel feelings

2. Why be happy when you could be normal? by Jeanette winterson

"Cheer up ye saints of God,

There's nothing to worry about".

As a somewhat of a wannabe writer, this book has given me something to look up to when writing.

The book is a beautiful yet complex projection of feelings. I can't stress enough how much I like the writing style jeanette has. And yes I feel comfortable and close enough to Jeanette Winterson to call her jeanette.

The book is sometimes characterised as a feminist book. But the book holds everything.

I remember telling my sister that every sentence I read, it feels like it contains the wisdom of everything that I have ever read.

Jeanette has done excellent work on describing everything she feels. Although she might not know how, when and why of these feelings but what she does know is how to pen it down beautifully.

The book is filled with heavy wording, long sentences and complex feelings.

When reading, one can feel what the writer is feeling, from the hurt to the love. The book has given me chills. If you admire poetry, this is the book for you.and if you are a fan of heavy language, then it is probably for you.

The writer writes like a poet in full sentences.

"A tough life needs a tough language - that is what poetry is".

Well, she is a fan of poetry, how can she not be. The writer is an avid reader. She has read books in alphabetical order which means her wisdom comes from a variety of sources.

The book is about the writer. her story of being an adopted child, an only child, different, of her relationship with her mother, and herself. The book conveys how the writer actually feels and sees the world. Why is she like the way she is. what are the things that she understands and what she doesn't.

The book can't be penned down in a summary which to me is a sign of a great book.

This book is a way to feel the feelings that you feel. And I just used a tautology.

The writer is better than me at explaining though.

The book is entertaining and engaging. I definitely recommend it.

For motivation

3. You are a badass by Jen sincero

This book is a dose of motivation and observation. The writer entices a call of action for every chapter that you read.

The writer has broken down the way to believing in yourself and accepting the life we want to have. The book gives practical insight to what is happening in our lives.

If you are tired of supposedly cliche advice, then you will be delighted when reading this book.

The book motivates you to say yes to life and also provides a guide to breaking down our thinking patterns. Why do we think the way we do about ourselves? What should really matter when you are on your way?

The writer invites you to a new way of thinking and tapping into your desired life. The universe matches your vibration. Being connected to the universe, giving the universe a name you like. I like to call the universe "Jagat Janani".

Fear is for suckers anyway. Why tiptoe through life to safely make it to death? It's easy when you understand that it's not hard. Get quiet. Send out a clear message to the universe. Universe is always here for you even when you are not meditating.

"Imagine The Universe totally freaking out about how amazingly awesome you are".

When nothing seems to work

4. You can heal your life by Louise hay

This book is for hope and hope for going beyond our limitations. The book puts emphasis on the power of affirmations.

The power our thoughts hold. We become what we think we are and say we are.

You can heal your work life, your relationships, your relationship with yourself by the power that is within you.

This book will always be of utter importance to me. This book will help you regardless of your beliefs. This book is written to give you a simple understanding of life which is stuck deep down in the complexity of your being.

What is being? We are not our body but our thoughts. If we can think it, we can be it.

This book is freeing.

The writing in this book will be able to understand you and understand you the way you want to be understood.

This book is like a personal therapy session. The book encourages you to actively change your patterns and release what doesn't serve you. This is not a reading book. It is a doing book. You work on yourself with this book. I have learnt and I have cried with this book and it changes your thinking forever.

Although the writer of this book is no more, she has given us something very important in life. The understanding of our being.

Try this exercise, stand in front of your mirror and look directly in your eyes. Take a moisturizer or a night cream and start to apply it. While applying repeatedly say I love you to yourself. You will feel silly for a while but after a few times. You will smile and get happy. It works like magic. It is magic. The magic of your being.

I haven't included the lessons and learning that I have taken from these books. Because If I tell you what I took from the book , you will subconsciously also take that learning only.

Give your own meaning to the books.
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