Most Fashionable celebrities to follow on social media

Every fashion enthusiast is always in search of fashion inspiration. Social media, without a doubt, is one of the best places to pick up fashion inspiration and shape your fashion interests. There's no better place to start by following the most stylish celebs who are influencing fashion lovers by showing off their latest looks. There’s certainly no shortage of celebrity style on social media.

We all envy celebrities in some way and the style is one of the major reasons why we follow celebrities on their social media accounts. In this post, I take the privilege of rounding up the list of most fashionable celebrities on social media this year.

Victoria Beckham

Photo source- Instagram

The pop-star-turned-British-designer, Victoria Beckham has undergone quite the fashion evolution. Beckham had an audience of millions on social media.

Victoria Beckham's eye-catching shots are just as stylish as her luxury fashion range. Her social media accounts showcase her own looks as well as the latest pieces from the VB collection. It's the perfect celebrity of style inspiration if you love fashion.

Maine Mendoza

Photo source- Instagram

Her style can be best expressed in the word laidback. The actress is a no-fuss dresser but she still manages to look well-dressed and polished. Her relaxed and stylish outfits appear to lie in her social media posts.

Her daily social media shows her personality in her style. Showing off her skater skirts, jumpers, and crop tops on her social media, she constantly proves that she’s totally comfortable in her own style.

Alexa Chung

Photo source- Instagram

The TV favorite and model turned fashion and media influencer Alexa Chung manages to make just about everything look stylish in her social media posts.

In her daily social posts one can see her newest collection, the ever-changing landscape of fashion from animal print to basic dungarees, expect to see her eye-catching outfits. Chung is definitely a muse to many fashion lovers & designers because of her distinctive personal style.

Sarah Lahbati

Photo source- Instagram

Sarah Lahbati is a sensual style icon who has already found her signature style, Sarah still loves to be a little playful when it comes to fashion. In her social media posts, she has consistently shown her stylish side.

One post after another from showcasing her take on the small bag trend to proving that she can wear anything and still looks amazing. Her posts show she is the epitome of effortless and has got ultra-feminine style.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Photo source- Instagram

Rosie HW has the best personal style. She became a household name after her modeling work and has since launched a successful acting career.

Stylish through to the core, her social media accounts are bustling with some of the finest photography of her photoshoots alongside candid snaps of her extraordinary fashion taste. Her social posts and stories flaunt her sizzling style with beauty.

Nadine Lustre

Photo source- Instagram

Nadine Lustre has got a huge online fanbase because of her proven charm and talent, online followers also love this girl for her premium fashion sense.

There's no doubt that she doesn't hesitate to mix up some latest trends without looking like she tried too hard. In her social media posts, she fuses a sporty and sexy vibe embodying confidence while still being comfy with the clothes she wears.

Ellie Goulding

Photo source- Instagram

Ellie Goulding may be known most for her music, but her stylish Instagram and Facebook feed doesn't disappoint fashion enthusiasts. She has got an enormous fan base on social media.

Showcasing her outfits both on and off stage, it gives us an insider look into the world of a solo artist who also has a passion for fashion too. In her posts, one can see that she likes to mix materials and pair the skirt with a leather jacket for an edgy and stylish look.

Lovi Poe

Photo source- Instagram

Lovi Poe is a stylish celeb whose social feeds must be stalked when one is in serious need of style inspiration. Her IG feed is brimming with snaps from stylish vacation pictures.

No doubt, Lovi Poe has been having her fair share of major fashion moments. And as she has been bagging among the top best-fashionable celebrities in the world thus, she is your best bet for style inspiration.

Blake Lively

Photo source- Instagram

The American actress Blake Lively has racked up over 27 million Instagram followers due to her popular fashion looks. Her daily updated posts create ultra-glamorous and totally high fashion looks.

With the frank caption, her social media posts mostly feature her unique outfits. If there's anyone who knows a thing or two about high-fashion, it's Blake Lively, whether it be her ultra-glamorous red carpet looks or trendy street-style.

Dua Lipa

Photo source- Instagram

Another to immediately add to your list of fashionable celebrities we have got Dua Lipa. She has been making her mark on the music industry and her daily outfits are just fashionable.

Swooning over her style on Instagram, Dua Lipa had the most popular Instagram account among musicians and bands in the UK with over 46 million followers. It's undoubtedly one of the most stylish accounts of the moment to follow.

These were the most fashionable celebrities to follow on social media who flaunts their style through their posts and stories. You can follow them to get your fashion inspiration !! :)

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