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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

“For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond, and balance one another.” – Andre Putman

Your room is an area where you have all sorts of freedom; a place where you can get to know yourself better and explore your style. It has the most cheerful and relaxing vibe. But are you sick of seeing your room and its boring walls again and again? Then you are in the right place. I’ll be giving you various tips and ideas to make your room even more lively and exceptional. Even the most basic room can look gorgeous with a little bit of creativity and craft supplies.

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So let’s get some room decor inspiration!

1. Create a Picture Wall

Filling your wall with pictures of your family and friends need no complications. Just have your pictures printed and then organize them on your wall in a well-arranged manner. This is going to be an evergreen creation that you will always cherish whenever you’ll gaze at those pictures. You’ll surely get overwhelmed with all those lovely memories!

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2. Create a Plant Shelf

Breathe new life into your room with an elegant plant shelf. Use low maintenance interior plants and create a cute garden of your own. These plants will ensure freshness in your room and always give a refreshing vibe. They will go with any theme that your room has.

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3. LED Photo Clips

You surely are not limited to pictures! Then why not show them to everyone? Use this super cute yet easy idea for presenting your pictures. In this way, you can easily display your pictures and also go frameless without damaging any of them. So do give it a try!

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4. Hanging Chair

A boho style hanging chair is something that you can have if you want a cozy place to sit and read books, listen to music, or maybe just relax and calm yourself. This will be a stylish yet comfortable focal point of your room. You can go online and find various designs of such chairs. Get yourself the best one!

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5. Decorate your Mirror

Everyone visits to a mirror frequently in a day. Then why not have it decorated? You can paste your pictures, stickers from your favorite shows, or something motivating and cheerful, to the mirror. This way, your mirror will no longer look boring and dull. You can easily get the stickers online or get your pictures printed.

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6. Organize your Stationery

While the process of organizing the stationery items is straightforward, it is not always crystal clear where to keep the remaining bits and pieces of the stationery that mount up on your desk and everywhere else. That is why here is the perfect way to organize your stationery. This is a super creative and efficient method. Also, it will surely light up your room and give an amazing vibe.

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7. Create/Buy a Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are always trendy. According to the ancient belief, negative dreams are caught and taken away by these dream catchers while positive dreams float through. Well, whatever the theory is, these look super cute and elegant. You can either buy one or make it yourself. You can find various DIY tutorials on how to make a dream catcher. It is really easy to make once you have collected all the required craft supplies.

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8. Organize your Books

If you are a bookworm, then this is one of the perfect ways to make your room look better. A book organization system or a bookshelf doesn’t just make it easier to find which book you’re looking for, but also makes you more likely to pick up a book to read, if you find yourself difficult to show interest in reading. Organizing books is not at all time consuming, but it brings back a lot of memories you have with those books.

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9. Create Pebble Art

Crafting is something that gives peace of mind. One of the most interesting ideas is Pebble Art. You can create all sorts of wonderful things to decorate your room as well as your life. These little pebbles are of zero value until you add your creativity to them. You can decorate them with paints, sketch pens, or markers. It will only take a couple of hours and you will have something to cherish for a lifetime. Do give it a try!

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10. Quote Painting on Canvas

Quotes can inspire us, uplift us, and send us in a new direction with just a few simple words of insight and wisdom. Everyone has their favorite quote. Use your creativity to paint it on a canvas. It will be a great showpiece for your room and will always keep you motivated.

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So these are some of my personal favorite ideas of room decor. I really hope any of these ideas would have inspired you to renovate your current space.

Till then, this is Tanvi signing off!

Happy Decorating :)

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