Learn to say "NO"

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

"We learn the greatest lessons of our life when we’re with our closed ones."

This saying is very well known since ages. We all in our life have that particular moment when we learn an integral lesson, which we do not forget in our lifetime.

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Ever since my childhood my mother taught me one of the most important things, “Learn to say No”.

Saying no or refusing to someone/ something doesn’t have to be aggressive or shouldn’t be done with a motive of disregarding anyone, but for a righteous thing.

I’ve seen my family, friends & work partners, and as & when I grew up, gradually I realized the true meaning of the term “No”. Often we come across such situations in which we think about the other person more than we think about ourselves. For instance, if I don’t accompany my friend for a party, he/she might feel bad, ignoring the consequences that we would have to face. I have my submission tomorrow, but if I don’t hang out with my peers for lunch, I might be the aloof one. All such thoughts hit our mind when were in a dilemma.

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With this, I would like to quote an incident from my childhood. When I was 10 or 11, I wanted to be a Bollywood actor. Yeah, everyone wants be one at such an age. I remember telling my father about my dream of becoming an actor & asking him to convince my mother, as I thought she would never allow me for this. That’s when my mom told me that she never opposed my dream, but all she wanted for me was secure future. She told me that when I’ll grow up finally decide what I want to be, she would never ever stop me. I still don’t know what I want to be but what I know is that my mother has always supported me and always will in my life.

At that time, neither had she snubbed me nor did she give wings to something of which I wasn’t sure, rather showed me the real world & left everything on me to decide.

People need to understand that saying no doesn't mean they're being disrespected, be it our friends or elders. If we do not set the limits, we would be doing injustice to ourselves. If we do not make other people clear about our thoughts, we can't blame them for the consequences that we face.

Learn to say no, because if you don't, people won’t step back from taking your advantage.

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