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Most of us pull out the doors of our closet and feel like we have nothing to wear. All of us wants a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces . Capsule Wardrobe is a collection of 30 to 40 versatile items of clothing to create a wardrobe for a season . Each one of us have different bodies , lifestyles and we have to dress accordingly . So one capsule wardrobe cannot be perfect for all . Also it helps you to wear your favorite items daily !! Lets begin….

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Take out all the items out of your wardrobe .It will include your tops , bottoms , accessories and your shoes . It will create a lot of mess but later your will feel satisfied .

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Start dividing your items into categories :

1. Favorites – This category will include the items that you wear daily or that suits and fits your body and lifestyle . This category includes your favorite dresses and items .

2. Maybe – This category will involve those items which doesn’t suits you well , you can’t wear them everywhere but you don’t want to throw them .

3. TrashThis category includes items which are occupying space of your wardrobe but you know are not going to wear them anywhere .

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Now , the “favorites” category is the only category required . It consist of clothes about which you are sure that you will wear them and which suits you . The “maybe” category should be kept somewhere else for now but not in your wardrobe . The “trash” category is to be donated to the needy or should be thrown out .


Next step is to put your “favorites” in your wardrobe . However in your favorites too , make sure whatever clothes or dresses you are choosing , should have matching shoes , so that it doesn’t look weird . Now you have to arrange your “favorites” list . Start putting your clothes in your wardrobe .


i. Black skinny jeans .

ii. Navy Blue jeans

iii. White skinny jeans

iv. Gray ankle pants

v. Brown ankle pants

vi. Black ankle pants

vii. Denim skinny jeans

viii. Denim shorts

ix. Mini skirts

x. Long skirts

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i. Denim Jackets

ii. Tank tops (color that suits you )

iii. Button up Shirt (Black , White)

iv. Simple or V-Neck t-shirt (Black , blue , Gray and White)

v. Full sleeved tops (Red , White , Black and blue)

vi. Patterned tops (horizontal or vertical stripes , t-shirt with dots as pattern)

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i. Formal dresses or dresses for events

ii. Dress for work (white and black)

iii. Dresses for parties (depends on your choice)

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i. Pumps (black and white)

ii. Flat sandals (neutral colors)

iii. Knee high boots (black)

iv. Ankle boots (Brown)

v. Sneakers (White)

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i. Bracelets

ii. Watches

iii. Earrings

iv. Carry bags

v. Purses

vi. Sunglasses

vii. Hats

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Now your wardrobe is ready! This guide will satisfy you , will clear all confusions that you face every morning and will help you wear your favorite clothes everyday .

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