How can we look our best?

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We can admit that we desire to look good, more than ever before. But we also have the largest variety of clothing than ever before.

It means that we can dress our variety of bodies with different varieties of clothing, which only doesn't fit well but also flatters your body.

Each and every body has its own clothes that look best on it. We all have a special feature to show off. We need the right kind of clothing for it.

We are talking about clothes that suit your body and colors that compliment your face.


The very first step is to identify ourselves. The best way is to start by knowing your body type and then experimenting accordingly.

To find your body type,

First, you need to measure your body parts.

Shoulders - stand straight and measure the widest part of your shoulders.

Bust - Don't wear a bra or any clothing, and measure the fullest part of your bust without squeezing your bust.

Waist - Your waist is just below your rib cage, you can bend sideways and the place where your waist bends is where you need to measure.

Hips - Stand straight and measure the biggest part of your hips.

Keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground.

At this time you can either use a body shape calculator or can figure it out yourself by these steps.

1.Inverted triangle shape

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An inverted triangle body shape has wider shoulders than the hips.

You are an inverted triangle body shape if your shoulders or your bust is at least 5% bigger than your hips.

The key to dressing this body type is to balance out the wider shoulders with hips and waist.

Defined waist and flared bottoms look good on this body type.

The focus is to draw the eyes away from the shoulders.

Any type of shoulder detailing accentuates the shoulders more and makes them look wider.

Longer jackets and shrugs and waist defining clothing inside looks great.

Fitted long sleeves help hide the width of the shoulders and flare skirts and skorts gives a very balanced look to the overall body.

Asymmetric bottoms are your special strength. Your ideal choice for skirts is skirts that starts at your upper waist, i.e, your waist band.

2. Pear shape

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Also known as the triangle body type. You have pear body type if your hips are at least 5% bigger than your shoulders or bust.

From this body shape, you can go two ways , either you flaunt how small your upper body is or you try to balance out the upper body with the bottom. Even both.

So, a fit and flare dress will make you look curvy and flatter your hips.

Dresses with defined waists also look great on this body type.

Shoulder pads and shoulder puffs are a great edition and you can rock them effortlessly.

Shoulder details can help balance out the upper body to the lower body.

As the bottom is curvy, print and loud colors in bottoms will make you look bigger.

You can choose loud and bright colors on the top and muted tones on the bottom.

3. Rectangular shape

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Also known as a column shape.

You belong to this category if your waist is smaller than your hips and shoulders. And your shoulders and hips have somewhat similar measurements.

This body shape can be styled as an hourglass very easily. As you are less curvy, this body shape is preferred by designers.

You can opt for flare bottoms and fitted waist. Or you can also wear shoulder puffs and flare bottoms for an overall hourglass figure.

As there is not much going on, you can choose to highlight any part of your body. There is probably nothing that you can't pull off.

4. Hourglass shape

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You are an hourglass body type if your waist is at least 25% smaller than your shoulders and hips. And your hips and shoulders are about the same size.

The key is to define your waist and also accentuate your hourglass figure.

You don't want to look top heavy or bottom heavy. It is best to give the same volume to your upper and lower body.

If you wear a fitted top then it will go well with fitted bottoms because you always possess the balance in your body.

A lot of things can compliment you well if you style them properly.

5. Apple body shape

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This body shape has broad shoulders, average to big bust, not defined waist and narrow hips.

Your goal is to elongate your torso, draw attention to your legs and create a waist.

You should look for v-necks and low necklines as they would help you even out the upper body.

You can also look for A-line skirts, dresses and coats. Look for single layers in clothing.

A lot of belts and layers can make you look bulky.

Well the key is to try to find your style and develop a vision for what clothing accentuate what part of the body.


Choosing colors is as important as choosing clothing styles, if not more.

There are three main color theories that we need to understand.

1. Shade match

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Your natural skin color is a shade of skin color. We don't have different colors to our skin, we have different shades.

Just like our skin, all colors have different shades.

When the shade of your skin matches the shade of the color. It looks effortless and elevated.

2. Same undertone

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There are three undertones.

Warm - summers

Cool - winter

Neutral - Autumn

Our skin has a specific undertone to it, so has colors. Try to pair colors with same undertone as your skin. Warm with warm and vice versa.

3. Soft and clear colors

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There are two types of people; clear and soft personality.

Clear - darker hair and light skin or light hair with dark skin are clear personalities.

Whenever there is a clear difference between the skin and hair.

Soft - the hair and skin both are either dark or light, then it is a soft personality.

Colors are also soft and clear.

Soft personality looks best with soft colors and vice versa.

Color guide for different skin shades

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Dark skin shades

Deeper shades of colors look best on this shade. Such as wine, magenta, burgundy, off whites, etc.

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Medium-dark skin shades

Colors with depth look good. Pastels of the right color shade can make you look rich and classy.

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Medium-light skin shade

These skin shades look good in both light and darker colors. The shade of colors darker than your skin shade also looks good.

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Light skin shade

Lighter colors with the same undertone look great. Deeper shades also go well when used in the same undertone.

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It is important to understand our bodies and not envy some other body but to make the best with your body and accept yourselves.

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