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Flea markets in India

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

"Whoever said that money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping"

- Bo Derek

Ever heard of retail therapy? Have you ever shopped to cheer yourself up? Yes, that is retail therapy. It's one thing we all have craved during this lockdown. Well, flea markets are going to be the best places to buy it all after this pandemic ends, and markets like Sarojini in Delhi and Colaba causeway in Mumbai are shopper's paradise. Flea markets are crammed with people not only because everything is at a dirt-cheap price but also for its huge range of products. So here are some flea markets across India that you can look forward to when you plan to shop next.

  1. Ima market, Imphal

Its the largest all-women market in Asia and shifts the location within Imphal over the years. There are 5-6k women selling a variety of goods like clothes, utensils, spices, traditional handicrafts, etc. This 500-year old sprawling market is the trading hub of Manipur. Ima market (which literally translates to "mother's market") is run only by married women who abate the hustle and bustle of the market with their gossips and laughter.

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2. Hill Road, Mumbai

It is a famous arcade for street shopping, eating, and hanging out. The market is mostly flooded with vendors and customers haggling over the prices. There is a lot to explore here like top-end brand stores which are in line with the latest fashion trends, local products, and the popular abutting beaches, studios, cinemas, etc. So whenever you plan to shop do visit it because this place has it all to suit your needs and who knows you might run into a celebrity

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3. Main Bazaar Road, Leh

This is a chief street lined up with handicrafts, woolens, jewelry, and Tibetian souvenirs. It is a major attraction for tourists as they get to experience the authentic ambiance of Ladakh. You can buy the world-famous silver jewelry at a cheap price. Although the prices are pocket-friendly but you can bargain to get better prices.

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4. Chickpet Market, Bangalore

It is well-known for its silk sarees and wide range of ethnic wear. You can also get a great deal on electronics, utensils, furniture and gym equipment. It's been more than 30 years to this market and remains to be the most loved shopping hub in Bangalore. It is open every day except on Sunday.

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5. Arpora Saturday Night Market, Goa

Its a Saturday market which opens from 4 p.m to 11 p.m with hundred of stalls of clothes, handicrafts, bags, spices, jewelry, leather accessories, and lamps. Though the prices are a bit high you can always wheel and deal. You can enjoy the amazing musical performances and eateries while shopping in this market. It will all be worth trade-off just one night from partying and visit this place.

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There are a lot of flea markets that I haven't listed but that's because they are well-known of. Chandni Chowk and Dilli Haat in Delhi, Laad Bazaar in Hyderabad, and Parry's Corner in Chennai are few such examples. Of course, online shopping is effortless but in buying a bracelet, ring, or even a pair of socks it's the effort which is no less than ecstasy. So now whenever you plan to utilize your downtime go shop your heart out at these splendid markets.

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