Five Ways to Build an Online Relationship with Bloggers

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The blogging community is full of budding writers and readers who want to connect and socialise with like-minded individuals. Blogging is not only about posting and liking but also about building a relationship of trust and friendship with your readers. Here are five simple ways you can maintain a good relationship with all your blogger-friends:

1. Consistency and quality in posts: Consistent posts and quality of content are the two most important aspects of blogging. One cannot exist without the other. Include at least two or three posts per week in your planner to keep the regular readers engaged. In case there is a need to declare a hiatus, ensure that a separate post about when and why you are taking a break. Providing access to your public social media handles is a great way to keep contact with your audience all the time, even on a break.

2. Interacting in the comments section: The comments box is a place to exchange ideas and experiences with bloggers. There is no connection with your blogger-friends if you are unable to reply and strike a conversation with them in the comments section. This is where there is a personal touch with the person behind the website. Make sure you genuinely read other bloggers’ posts and leave encouraging and positive comments. People who comment like and appreciate what we have to say and the least we can do is encourage a conversation with them.

3. Participating in tags and challenges: The blogging community is full of various award nominee tags, photography challenges, poetry daily prompts and so much more. There is also the scope of making new creative tags and challenges. Participating in such games and fun tags can not only bring organic traffic into your site but also make the content more relatable and exciting for the readers.

4. Asking questions or opinions on your post: Your post talks about an issue that can have multiple perspectives or you have shared a unique experience and you ask fellow bloggers if they have stories to share. These are some common ways to get the reader’s attention to your content and try to talk about their views, opinions and personal experiences.

5. Collaborations and guest posts: Curating personalised messages and bonding with your blogger-friends over emails can lead to collaboration and guest post ideas. People in the Blogging community often get together with like-minded bloggers and help create posts and promote them on both blogs. This increases the reach of your blog and builds a sustainable relationship with your blogger friends.

Best of luck and keep blogging!

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