Dress to Impress (Work from home Version)

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

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An unprecedented global crisis has brought the normal functioning of the entire world to a halt. Employment rates have gone down drastically. If we have still managed to keep our jobs by working from home, we have to make the best of this opportunity. The first impression may not last but what you wear or how you choose to dress creates an impact on the mind of employers and co-workers about the kind of a person you are.

Why dress to impress?

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'Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.'

It is important to know that dressing a certain way has psychological effects on a person’s mind. Many do not prefer working from home because comfy sweatpants and loose T-shirts don’t say - ‘I am employed’. Meetings and deadlines are a reality no matter where one works, and we need to dress to such occasions to create an environment of both professionalism and personal satisfaction.

How to get started:

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1. A cleansed persona: A clean and hygienic person has an upper hand, even when he/she is not working in the office space. A clean shaved face, a stainless and ironed shirt/top and neatly combed hair never fail to impress your co-workers.

2. Mirror judgement: Once you pick out clothes for working from home, look into the mirror and ask questions such as ‘Would a co-worker take a person with this outfit seriously?’ and ‘Do I look presentable for this kind of a meeting?’ Make a judgement about the outfit that fits the work environment you want to create for yourself. It should make you feel neat, presentable and self-confident.

Outfits that impress:

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1. The informal-formal look: Formal wear does not always have to be binding and uncomfortable. This is the right time to wear the stylish cotton shirt or summer shirt dress in your closet that looks good on you, but you have been waiting for a long time to be able to wear it to work. If you are presenting an idea or a thesis for the workplace and you want to be heard, the best outfit is a simple shirt and a blazer/cardigan.

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2. Classy sweatshirt: A sweatshirt works well with any meeting with co-workers. Vibrant colours such as blue, grey, pink, orange and turquoise are known to be professional and easy on the eyes.

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3. Ethnically professional: Ethnic wear for work is compulsory in organisations such as schools, universities, NGOs, etc. Even if it is not binding, a simple and elegant Kurti, salwar suit or saree can impress co-workers to a great extent. Since the weather is usually warm and unpredictable, the best outfit is a cotton print Kurti and leggings.

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4. Round neck T-shirts: Half sleeve or full sleeve solid-coloured T-shirts work well with online work and office deadlines. They are affordable to buy and comfy to wear and work at home.

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5. Casual Jeans: Formal trousers can be ditched while working from home, and you can put on a pair of versatile and comfortable jeans. Jeans do not let you doze off on the sofa which in turn gets more work done.

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6. Comfy leggings: Leggings are a perfect match for sweatshirts, T-shirts or ethnic tops. The positive side of wearing bottoms while working from is that people only see the top. So, bottoms can be anything that keeps you on your toes and working.

Other tips to impress: Some tips apart from your dress which will help you enter the online workspace with a bang- Simple or no earrings, a clean washed face, neatly tied up or combed hair and an upright posture.

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Working is what keeps our lives running and it is important to ensure a good impression among co-workers. A happy outfit brings happiness to the job!

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