Beginners' Essential Makeup Kit

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Is moisturizer good for my skin? Are foundations really sweaty?.....will my makeup stay for hours…..what essentials do I need to use? Is it important to wear all the makeup products!!!

Often these thoughts haphazardly cross our minds & create an unusual chaos. You don’t need to get confused by the thousands of products. Here’s a go - to guide of the basic makeup for beginners.

1. Moisturizer & Primer

The beginning has to be by prepping your skin with these products for a flawless makeup. Nothing can be better than moisturizing your skin with a sunscreen which acts as the protection from the harmful UV rays.

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Primer equals to the perfect base, which keeps the skin hydrated for hours. Great makeup begins with great skincare; you can use both the products according to your skin type. For instance, I suggest the Neutrogena sunscreen for oily skin. Maybelline makes a good primer for the dry skin type.

If your skin is under treatment, products prescribed by the dermatologist are no harm. These products make the perfect base for any skin & help in avoiding any kind of skin allergies or acne.

2. Foundation & Concealer

The integral part about using these is to match it with your skin color for a natural look. This is the most commonly faced issue by everyone as most people struggle to find a perfect foundation and a concealer that goes with their face and neck as well. This reminds me of the application. The foundation is never to be applied only on face but the neck too for an even texture.

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Concealer is a gift to skin, that hides the acne, wrinkles and blemishes & gives a smooth texture to the skin. Initially, you might find difficulty in handling foundation; you can go for the BB & CC creams. These are a “kind-of” substitute for foundation, which are comparatively light and less sweaty.

Pro Tip: BB creams tend to be oilier than CC creams. Hence, they can be used according to the skin type.

3. Setting Powder

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After putting up all the above mentioned products, there has to be something to keep them in place and avoid oiliness & sweatiness. This task is performed by the setting powder. It has to be applied all over the face & neck to keep the wet products in place & prevent excess oil production.

4. Blush & Highlighter

Blush is everyone’s best friend; we might forget to apply any other product but not this. It makes us look pretty cute. Apart from this, it gives finesse to the makeup & gives a more natural look. It must be used in an appropriate amount over your cheeks, a very little bit on nose, forehead & chin.

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Here comes my best part about makeup…HIGHLIGHTERRR… brief to every makeup artist is to drown me into the highlighter. It enhances the glow of your skin and makes your cheekbones look more prominent. It gives a dewy look to your makeup.

5. Lip Color/ Lip Gloss

Before applying lip color, it’s compulsory to use a lip primer or any other lip moisturizer to keep the lips hydrated & healthy. Lipstick causes to notice the lips and makes them stick out.

Lipstick is everyone’s go-to makeup product.

Personally, wherever I go, be it my friend’s house or to buy groceries, I keep away from doing a full proof makeup rather just a moisturizer and a little bit of gloss is always there on my lips.

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Apart from makeup, do focus on maintaining your skin. Follow your personal skincare routine, stay hydrated, eat healthy & stay happy.

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