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As soon as you wake up, you spot acne right in the middle of your cheek and you have a party to attend in the evening! To add to your troubles, you find out that your hair looks oily. Altogether, it is a disaster. Here are some handy emergency tips that will help you take care of your hair, skin, and makeup.

Emergency beauty hacks

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Whether we want to have clear skin or improve the quality of our hair, we depend on readymade products or gadget. However, just in front of our eyes, there are several homemade solutions for solving these issues. All of these remedies are quite beneficial and effective.

  • Scrubbing is essential for having soft skin. What if you suddenly find that the scrub has finished? Using a wet towel to rub your arms and legs will provide the same effects in this case. You can use a soft, clean tissue for cleaning your facial skin. Dip small pieces of tissue in a facewash or oil and rub it gently on your face. After massaging it for around five minutes, you can wash your face.

  • In the case of acne popping up suddenly, apply a small blob of toothpaste on it. The reddishness will diminish. If you have time in your hands, grind an aspirin tablet and apply it on the acne day and night.

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  • Instead of throwing away old toothbrushes, clean them and later use them in massaging various areas of your face. You can use a toothbrush for massaging to remove blackheads and get rid of cracked lips. It will prove to be effective if you massage on your wet skin.

  • After applying a moisturiser on your face, use a muslin cloth dipped in lukewarm water and keep it on your face till it dries. It will help the moisturizer to reach deep into your skin and provide greater effects.

  • Those who use tweezers for shaping the eyes do know the pain involved in the process. If you wish to reduce the feeling of pain, apply and press ice cubes on your brows.

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  • If your scalp seems oily, hold and press a tissue paper on the scalp to remove the extra oil. If this does not help, use cocoa or charcoal powder to spread it evenly on your skin. You can also mix cornflower in a little bit of water and spray it on your entire scalp and hair.

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Make-up hacks

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Errors may occur when you are doing your makeup, especially if you have little time in your hands. Also, it is crucial that you remove your makeup properly and take care of your make-up products. Here are some easy and quick make-up hacks.

  • We usually purchase a matte or cream-based foundation based on weather conditions and skin type. If you mix a slight quantity of face oil or cream moisturizer, you will get a cream-based foundation. Again, mix or translucent or handmade powder with an oily foundation to obtain a matte one.

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  • If you feel that the make-up is excessive, rub a clean, wet make-up sponge and blend it. The make-up will come off automatically.

  • For a long-lasting make-up, use compact before you apply foundation. After the base make-up is done, spray cold water and rub it on your face using a sponge.

  • Mascara is such a product that tends to dry up very easily. To get rid of this problem, dip the mascara tube in warm water.

  • If you want to make your liquid lipstick matte, rub some powder on it. Then press your lips. The cream lipstick will become matte instantly.

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  • In case you do not have a makeup remover in the house, mix some aloe vera gel and olive oil. Pour it in a small bottle and dip a cotton pad in it. Similarly, you can put some sponge in a small box and store liquid nail polish remover in it. Thus, you won't need to dip a cotton every now and then when you want to remove your nail polish. You can straightaway dip your finger in the sponge.

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Aren't these solutions easy? These will not only save you the time and money you invest in a salon frequently but also are extremely fruitful. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use these homemade remedies and gain a beautiful look.

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