Basic T-Shirt Styling Ideas

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Everyone’s got one- a ubiquitous plain tee! A plain T-shirt is a must-have in everyone’s closet as it never ever goes out of style. It can be used both ways- for casual wear as well as a formal one. And I don’t think there’s a need to mention just how comfortable it is! There’s no zipping-up or dealing with buttons, just wear it and you’re ready to go. Believe it or not, there are plenty of options available to pair your plain tee with, except denim jeans, and get an awesome look on the go.

When planning on selecting an outfit, all you need is a lot of inspiration, creativity, and of course, cute accessories! A plain tee is a minimalistic outfit idea that you can wear to dress up for almost every occasion, whether it is for weekend fun or a formal meeting; plus it will look great with pretty much anything.

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So check out the looks given below for some styling inspiration:

1. With a Floral Pencil Skirt

Wear your plain tee with a cute floral pencil skirt as summers and skirts go hand in hand. A pencil skirt looks sophisticated and refined. Add on some cool accessories and a cross-over bag to enhance your look. This outfit would look so amazing for a weekend thingy or a casual outing. Do give it a try!

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2. With a Denim Jacket

Pair your plain tee with a cool denim jacket. Wear it with either denim shorts or jeans and create a ‘Denim on Denim’ look that looks super smart. Complete this look with sports shoes or boots and add your favorite accessories. This is an evergreen look, always admired by ladies.

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3. With an open shirt

This is one such look that anyone can pull off. It never goes out of style and perfect for casual wear. The shirt gives a street-smart vibe. Pair it with a watch and cool earrings, sports shoes, and add on a handbag or a sling bag. Any kind of shirt will work to create such a look. Try experimenting with different colors and patterns. Wear it to your college, workplace, etc.

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4. With a Long Skirt

This outfit is with an Indian twist. As everyone loves dressing up in Indian attires, this outfit is a perfect choice for a small get-together or an event. It is really comfortable and classy. Such printed skirts look so elegant with a plain t-shirt, as it balances the entire look. Match it with jewelry and accessories to complete your look.

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5. With a Blazer

The structured look that a blazer gives is on another level. With a blazer, you can wear skirts, the same patterned pants, plain pants, or skinny denim jeans. It gives a formal look that adds a little polish and style statement to the plain t-shirt. You can wear it with shorts to keep it casual. Opt for matching accessories to complete your look and you’re ready to go!

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6. With high waist pants

Pair your plain tee with pants. This look is so flattering and really easy and comfy to style. Add on some basic jewelry and accessories to enhance your look. This outfit has summer vibes and perfect for formal as well as informal meetings. So do give it a try!

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7. White-on-white look

Wearing one color from top to bottom looks really graceful. This outfit creates an endless trendy and classy look. Pair it with gold plated jewelry and basic stiletto. This look is simple and takes no time! It is a quick way to get your everyday look great without being overdone.

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8. With a Cardigan

For chilly winters, this look is worth trying. With a basic t-shirt and denim jeans, add on a cardigan. This look is so stylish and would totally light up your mood, once worn. Add on some basic jewelry and accessories to enhance your look. It is perfect for a casual outing or college wear.

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So no more excuses of “I don’t have anything to wear!” as long as you have a cool plain t-shirt. Take inspiration from these amazing looks and start experimenting. You’ll surely make something good out of it!

Till then, this is Tanvi signing off!

Happy Styling :)

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