Backpacking Tips for a First-time Traveler!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Hey peeps!

I am going to talk about 'Travel'. The word we are waiting to use as soon as we can get a chance. Travelling does not have to be a fancy trip to an unknown land, it can be a simple car ride to a nearby town or a train ride to your hometown. If you are a first time traveller, the following are your checkboxes for the trip.

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A Travel kinda backpack:

When you go out to buy a backpack, pick up a light bag so that it does not add to the weight of the luggage. Also, ensure that the bag is simple and does not look fancy on the outside (thieves exist even in tourist places!). The backpack needs to be waterproof so that you are always prepared for a wet and gooey disaster. Bring multiple locks to keep all the items safe, just in case they happen to be left unattended.

One of the most important travel tips is ‘Pack as less as you want’. Never feel the need to bring too many things because it will only make the bags more uncomfortable to carry around, and you will always spend on new clothes and items while travelling.

The travel bag shall have seven different compartments with the following kinds of items (the following recommendations are for a 6 to 7-day trip):

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1. Packing essential clothes:

  • 7-8 pairs of undergarments

  • 3 home clothes

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2. Packing for Heavy outdoor activities and walking on foot

  • 1 winter jacket

  • 1 raincoat

  • 1 pair of Waterproof gloves

  • 2 woollen scarves

  • 1 pair of Sports shoes

  • 2 pairs of comfortable outdoor track pants/jeggings

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3. Packing for Sight-seeing and regular city travel

Carry the most fashionable clothes in your wardrobe:

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a. Tropical weather and summer

  • 3 comfy tops

  • 2 pairs of shorts

  • 2 skirts

  • 1 dress/jumpsuit

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b. Winter and snowfall

  • 1 overcoat

  • 1 woollen sweater

  • 2 pairs of warm thermal pants

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4. Packing Bathroom essentials

Always carry all toiletries in a separate waterproof bag inside the front pocket of the backpack. The bathroom essentials list is personal to every person but these basic items need to be there in the bag while travelling:

  • 1 travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste

  • 2 bars of soap

  • 2 shampoo pouches

  • 2 microfiber towels (for the face and the body)

  • 1 mesh laundry bag and detergent (optional)

  • Any powder or lotion according to personal preferences

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5. Electronic gadgets in the backpack

Carry only those gadgets which are extremely essential for the trip such as

  • Laptop

  • A three-pin plug

  • Camera

  • Headphones

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6. Important documents folder

All important documents can be organised in a folder/wallet and kept in the other front pocket of the backpack:

  • Passport

  • Aadhar card

  • Pan card

  • Bus/Train/Flight ticket

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Handbag things that should not be in the backpack:

Here are some things that are purely handbag items and cannot be kept in the backpack for security and emergency reasons:

  • An Umbrella

  • A small water bottle (preferably with an in-built filter)

  • A set of tissues and wet wipes

  • Hand sanitizer

  • A neck pillow

  • A small Deodorant

  • A wallet for cards and cash

  • A book, Kindle or the I-Pad

  • An eye mask (optional) and a face mask

  • Make-up products (optional)

  • Dry snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, popcorn, chips, etc

  • A comb and hair-bands

  • Medicine bag (only with prescriptions)

  • Earphones

  • Power bank and charger

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Some extra tips for your first-time travel:

  • Remember to roll the clothes before organising them. This way, they have less chance of crumbling under the pressure of the bag.

  • Make sure that the weight of the luggage is within the range of 10 to 15 kilograms.

  • Meet new people, spread happiness wherever you go and make every moment of your travelling experience memorable!

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