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Source Pinterest We all have an everlasting relationship with our phones and its high time that we improve this relationship. We don't need to feel guilty about using our phones. we need to conquer the phone and make a healthy connection with it.

These are some apps to add to your phone for a healthier lifestyle with our phones.

If you deal with productivity issues:

1. Productivity challenge timer

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This app resembles a guardian who wants you to work and be your best self. As the name suggests, its a productivity challenge. This is the only app for productivity that works for me. Functioning is simple and effective. You set your projects and you need to work on them. you work without distractions with the timer on. The guardian will give you achievements. And you can get better names than an unrepentant slacker only by working. The app does not let you pause and resume the work. The key is to be focused and the app enforces it well. Recommended.

2. Quality time

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To solve an issue in ourselves, we need to first recognize it. Whether it is phone addiction or any other shortcoming we have. Just like we go to the doctor when we accept that we are sick, it is the first step to know that you are sick. This app is great to know exactly what you do on your phone and how long is it taking you. do you use youtube a lot? or Instagram? or how much time are you taking to check your emails? and how many times you are doing it. The app will help you remind yourself to take a break to carefully take you out of the limbo that you might be in.

If you are dealing with stress:

3. Wysa

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This is a little penguin to help you deal with your woes. This is based on AI and the answers have been approved by psychologists. The founder of wysa, jo Aggarwal, created the friendly penguin when she was herself suffering from depression. The app was launched on the "world mental health day" in 2016. Wysa is an AI bot that can help you organize your thoughts and understand your emotions. There are guided action plans for some specific topics. The app does define some emotions and their causes. It really helps when you see that your emotions are understandable. HE/She will tell you stories and listen to you. Even tell jokes. Score. Wysa also offers therapy services with well-equipped people to support and help you through tough times. The app is not entirely free. There is a paid subscription and the therapy is paid. Overall, a great app to help you through the confusion, anger, and un-understandable emotions.

4. 7 cups

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Talking to an AI bot can be not as fulfilling as we would want it to be. Sometimes we need to talk to people, with different but somewhat similar thinking structure as ours. This app is for you when you want someone to listen to you. you can chat with listeners on this app for free. The listeners are humans. and in case you want to be a part of the 7 cups community, then you can also become a listener on the app. The ai bot named noni, will connect with a listener according to your preference. Noni also provides paid therapy. There are various options like community chat where you can ask and answer questions. The key to optimise the app is by trial and error and see who you click with. Isn't everything like that?

If you want to get out of the unhealthy lifestyle:

5. Nike training club

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This app is designed for a more effective and sustainable exercise regime. It will give you training plans according to your needs. The app will guide you towards exercise that is also fun and conscious. The app gives a variety of training programs for you to be continuous on your journey. You get detailed instructions when you are performing the exercises. The details that the app gives is commendable. You tend towards effective exercise.

6. Lets meditate: sleep and guided meditation

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A simplistic meditation app. This app includes a variety of topics for meditation. The app is free and easy to use. The thing with meditation apps is they are: to each of their own. It really depends on you. What voice do ou like? Which music calms you? or are you into guided meditations. This app does not have a gigantic gallery, but it also removes the choosing barrier. It is easier to choose from small libraries. There is no good time to start a good habit. Happy meditating.

Honourable mentions

Lightroom - This app is best to get that lighting just right and that angle right. To match the background red exactly to your red pants. This app is a great tool to make that aesthetic.

Source Pinterest Apps to save pictures from Instagram- If you have a blog or write blogs for someone, it can be daunting to take screenshots and then crop them. Instead you can just save them with these apps.

VLC player- This app comes in handy when watching a movie on your phone. from speed to subtitles, language and all the settings.

Dishonourable mentions

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This section is actually on you. what apps are distracting. which apps rob your peace? Instagram? maybe or maybe not. Recognize what you are feeding yourself and change things that are problematic. take control of your phone and how you associate your relationship with it. If you know what you need to or want to change, then its probably it. You are smart.

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Hey, You just need to change your environment first.

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