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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Looking out of the window to see the wonders of nature and to feel that gush of wind which tousles your hair; when the tiny little drops of rain rejuvenates your skin; when the difficulties of your life are ebbing away like the tides on the shore; that moment when you are alone, not lonely, consumes you and makes you feel alive.

Travelling alone makes you feel that way, at least it does to me. Not everyone in this world likes to travel alone, but some of us who do, are enchanted by it's mere escapade. It's true that solo travelling is not everyone's cup of tea. It takes guts to get out of your comfort zone and enter into the world of vulnerability. Spontaneity in it's entirety seems like an excellent idea but one could get into serious trouble without having a proper and prior knowledge of how to organize a solo trip.

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So, if you are planning on getting out to enjoy the wonders of travelling alone, here's a go-to guide which will give a right direction to your adventure.

1. Plans are nothing; planning is everything- Dwight D Eisenhower

Planning in advance doesn’t make you boring or old, instead, it gives you the ultimate power or autonomy to control things as you want to. Who does not want that?

The first step towards planning a solo trip is to find your dream destination. If this is your first time travelling alone, you might want to choose a place not too far away or easily accessible. Once you get the gist of handling things on your own, you can go anywhere you want to.

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Being punctual saves you from missing your flight, train or bus. Keep in mind that those few moments of laziness could cost you a good amount of fortune.

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On-the-spot bookings for safe accommodation is the last thing you can rely upon. Try advance booking for hotels using reliable travel portals available. This will save your time as well as your money.

2. Maintaining record:

If you are having a hard time remembering details and stuff, it is advisable to keep a diary. A pocket diary would help you to record the following things:

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  • Keeps track of your monetary status.

  • Record of emergency contact numbers (in case your phone is misplaced or its battery dies).

  • If you are an avid writer, this diary could hold significant cultural information of the places you’ve visited.

3. Being secure is the sign of maturity:

Once you step outside, you are prone to meet all kinds of people. Some would be nice and helpful while some would be devil disguised as angel. You got to have some sense of judging people which is why your age plays a crucial factor in deciding whether you are capable of handling a solo trip or not, because, at last your safety is in your own hands. Try to remember the following points while travelling alone.

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  • Avoid any kind of unnecessary interactions with strangers.

  • Don't give details about yourself unless asked by an authorized person.

  • Always be vigilant of your surroundings.

  • Always be in touch with your loved ones. They should know your location at all times.

  • Don’t carry excessive amount of cash with you but a sufficient amount of the same is mandatory.

4. Good health is what keeps you going:

Would you want to spend your entire day sulking in your hotel room, complaining about your bodily aches to the doctor and devouring on pills instead of exploring the unexplored territory and tasting the rich local cuisines? A sane person would prefer the latter, right?

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People get extremely reckless when it comes to keeping themselves fit and healthy. Getting sick at a place where you are all by yourself could become your worst nightmare. It is very important to be conscious of what your body requires to adapt to the new environment. You should always carry a medical kit containing all sorts of medicines which you might require while travelling alone.

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Check the weather conditions of the place you are planning to visit.

5. Keep your emotions under control:

There is no doubt about the fact that travelling solo gives you immense rush of joy. It is your responsibility to make sure that this transient phase filled with joy won’t turn into a lifetime of regret.

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Planning in advance might prevent the foreseeable problems but it won’t stop life from happening. Even in troublesome situations, one needs to maintain his temperament and composure. The concoction of various emotions at the same moment could further complicate the situation. It is important to acknowledge those feelings and move forward with a clear head.

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Smile and try to blend in with the locals. This would give you the opportunity to explore the place in its raw form rather than just scraping off the upper most sophisticated layer.

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However your solo trip goes, always remember that it was you holding the power to make your own decisions; it was you who carried yourself through thick and thin and it was you and you alone who made that journey unforgettable. Embrace and cherish every moment with yourself.

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