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"I always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of women's outfit." Being true to Michale Kors words, have you ever wondered that how some people manage to look effortlessly stunning even without trying, even when they have put on the simplest outfit found in ones wardrobe. Well, if your answer somewhere at the back of your head is 'yes', then this is certainly the exclamation point of your thoughts.



They always say that 'smile' is a women's best accessory and speaks about her confidence but do they know, what helps a women to keep on with this smile and carry herself; fix her up wherever needed and most importantly adds interest to the whole look.

Well, it's a HANDBAG for sure, what else could so elegantly carry your everyday essentials wherever you go.

When we are talking about handbags, we are just not talking about a single piece but a bunch of different pieces, here every occasion comes with different platter. Ranging from simple Shoulder bags to Clutch; Bagpacks or the in style Bonnie bags, there's so much to explore.

So go on and find your perfect match, the one that exactly speaks about your personality and suits your criteria.



Well belts as an accessory have come a long way, they are no more a piece that was once just used to fit up our loose bottoms but now they are giving a finishing touch to ones look.

Belts are as far the best way to draw attention to ones waist especially when talking about hourglass or pear shaped body type, and can make your outfit stand out.

If one has yet not experimented with this accessory, it might take some time to figure out how to put it together with your look but once you know the 'when & where' strategy, you can definitely become a pro.

So this season why not belt up that long tunic top and add a new statement to it or try on the most heated up belted blazer look or if not this then just put on that long lost dress which you always wanted to wear but never knew how to put it together with the right accessory, this time belt up the twist.



When talking about accessories how could we miss the hair accessory part. If you are someone who has been carrying the same hair cut and style for years and have started to get bored of it, but is fearing to go for a change, then head scarfs are a sure solutions to your problems.

Head scarfs couldn't be remarked as something new in trend but the versatility which it carries with itself keeps the style 'forever young'.

One could work on a bunch of hairdos ranging from a simple pony ties to bandaannda or a twisted headband.

Now it's already the time to play with some of these looks.



"While crossing through that small Street market you came across those beautiful earrings and couldn't go on without buying it.

Now a year or two later those same earrings have become a part of that huge dusty box along with a chunk of other such pieces, which have been lying there untouched for don't know how long"

If this incident sounds a bit too similar, then the time has arrived to finally dust off that huge box and experiment a bit.

Start off by layering the pieces together, they could be of different shapes; sizes; texture; lengths and colors, mix and match everything to see what works out and most importantly suits you.

But never overdo, if you are experimenting with the neck piece the earrings could be forgotten or if the earrings are playing your style of the day maybe the neck piece is not required.

Make a drastic change by putting traditional with western, try oxidized jewellery with casual look and see the change. Bit by bit create a style of your own.



Shades are the real safety plus style trend, they are not only a way to protect your eyes but at the same time works as a statement piece.

While buying shades for yourself you might need to go on for some research as today one can easily get confused, due to the number of options available and get trapped with the wrong choice. The most important thing to remember while buying sunglasses for yourself, is that it goes with your face type or it might ruin ones whole look.

But the perfect sunglasses could add a gist to the whole outfit and make your style more appealing.

Accessories are not simply a piece or an add up to your look but a statement which could reflect your whole personality. They have the power to embrace your whole outfit and add confidence. So the choices you make in terms of putting together accessories are very important.

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