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Having strong nails , definitely is a dream of every girl , however most of us face the problem of brittle nails that break easily . Strong nails not only looks attractive but are also an indicator of good health . As we age , the cells in our body produce keratin at a slower rate , which leads to brittle and weak nails .
These tips will be helpful in strengthening our nails :

1. Drink enough water

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Staying hydrated is very important for strengthening your nails . Nail health is no exception , drinking adequate water is necessary which will help the nails to retain moisture and will keep them strong .

2. Use Lotion

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We don’t understand that our nails need to be treated like skin on our face . After washing our face we apply moisturizer , however we don’t moisturize our hands after washing them .Using a moisturizing lotion on your nails on a daily basis will keep them moist . After removing your nail paint and after washing hands you should definitely apply moisturizer .This will keep your nails hydrated and help them to breathe .

3. Give rest to nail paints

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Putting nail paint makes you hands look attractive but make sure you remove your nail paint within a week and let you nails breathe for a week . Nail polish even non toxic ones contain alcohol which weakens your nails . Soak your nails in natural oil atleast once a week and massage your cuticles .

4. Biotin Supplement

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Biotin is also called vitamin B-7. Biotin rich food and supplements will be very helpful for strengthening nails . It is really helpful for brittle and weak nails . Talk to a doctor before taking biotin supplements .

5. Keep them trimmed

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Your nails should be at a length that is functional to your day to day activities , this will help to prevent the breakage and tearing of the nails . All of us love the look of long beautiful nails , but if you want your nails to be stronger , avoid growing them out . Short nails are far less likely to be broken also it is easy to maintain its appearance when they are short .

6. Diet

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Your diet can also affect your nails . Avoid dieting and increase the intake of protein , biotin , zinc and iron for strong nails . Star eating biotin rich food such as veggies , nuts , etc.

7. Consult a doctor

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If all of these tips doesn’t strengthen your nails , then you need to consult your doctor . Usually weak nails are due to exposure to chemical products and ageing problems , however consult a doctor if it is a new problem and is not improving by home remedies .

All of us desires for strong nails but it is not easy to have them , you have to maintain a balanced diet and most importantly minimize the intake of alcohol and increase the intake of water . The sooner you follow these tips , the sooner you will have healthier and stronger nails .
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