7 things that every man must have in his wardrobe

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The ever-changing trends in men's fashion is more than evident with guys sporting some out-of-the-box choices that they wouldn't risk otherwise. While inducting skirt-style trousers and nose rings are perfectly appropriate decisions to stand out in the crowd, there are certain items which are far too important to be played with: the wardrobe necessities.

From a sleek navy blue suit to white high tops, these trendy pieces will have a dedicated spot in your wardrobe.


Navy blue suit

It is a one-of-a-kind outfit that you can take straight from office meeting to boat party in the night. A white shirt or a t-shirt over a traditional navy blue suit is perfect for contrast balance on the overall look.

White shirts

Behold the crown jewel in your wardrobe, which essentially trumps any single topThis lone wolf can actually do wonders to your outfit, only if you play your cards right. Tip: take note of the fact that this is a perfect device for duality, meaning it fits well on both trousers as well as denim jeans.

Messenger Bag

Forget bulky leather suitcases. The messenger bag will elevate your work and/or play outfit in ways you didn't know that it could. Sometimes, as a general rule, try not to stuff down your lunch in too deep because that would be a whole more mess that you don't need.


Congratulations on your ability to read the time on your computer. However, a timeless timepiece would be appropriate, nonetheless.

Polo shirt

You will be reminded of your father in his younger days as you look at yourself in the mirror. This is why a polo shirt is an ageless feature of a man's style.

Signature perfume

Sure, you like to smell good. Works well for the girls, too. Yet have you got the right scent to nail it as key to your signature style? Choose a scent that represents your masculinity, one that resonates with your personality. For example, AXE 's Signature Gold collection has four kinds of rugged yet fresh fragrances to choose from — Italian Bergamot and Amber Wood, Black Musk with Cedar Wood, Dark Coffee with Old Wood and Iced Vetiver with New Lavender what their own bottle would not want to like in these dreams?

White shoes

Not the most recent phenomenon but more and more people are embracing white sneakers as a fashion staple in order to make their suits look cooler. And quite frankly, it's a perfect decision. So, find a pair for yourself.

Based on the weather, you would definitely want a hat in summer, winter or both. Choose a strew fedora or linen baker boy hat for the season. In winter a navy watch cap is your most flexible choice-or go with a chic felt trilby or fedora in casual wear with a suit and overcoat.

Pair a neutral-colored scarf and leather work gloves to your winter coat. You will need a clever belt and a casual belt.

Note, Don't wear black leather accessories with brown leather or gold-tone silver hardware. Select which package you like, and pick (or two) matching collection.

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