6 simpler ways to do your nails

There are no women or men or kids in this world who can resist the allure of nail polish.it is a universal truth that applying nail polish to your nails will make you feel like a diva for sure but as it turns out it will be not an easy task, there will always be a wrong stroke or you mess up a design even when you are being careful and let’s be honest a trip to the nail salon will surely put a hole in your pocket.

So what do you do when you want to get that diva look for your nails without spending or struggling too much? How can you achieve it from the comfort of your home? What things do you need for it? Read below to know more.

1. Hair or Bobby Pins

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This article is about simple ways to find tools and techniques to do nail arts.so getting nail art tools to do it seems out of the option but it is also preferable.

As you could have probably guessed, this technique has to do with bobby pins that everyone uses commonly. Grab one and pull the two ends apart as much as you can and follow these simple steps:

· Paint your nails with base colour and let it dry

· Dip the tip of the bobby pin in the nail colour you want to make the dots

· And apply it dot by a dot on your already painted nails

· Let it dry completely


Just remember this when you are doing your nails. Don’t let anything touch it before the paint dries off completely or else it will be ruined for sure. Be patient for it may take time to set.

2. Toothpicks

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Usually, people choose toothpicks to create messy marble designs. It can give you something unpredictable yet fun to work with. The beauty of this technique is that it has no certain rules and very simple to work with.

For example,

· Take two colours

· Paint them both on a nail by separating them into two halves

· Pick up a toothpick

· Drag it vertically or horizontally or even create a swirl to form a pattern

· Let it dry and you are done.

You can use two or even more colours to add and that may take some practice but it’s worth a try.

3. Tapes

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Yes, you read that right even tapes are used to make nail arts. You just have to be careful and persistent when you try this technique out.

Tapes can be used in many ways. They can be used to make zigzag patterns or half-filled patterns and much more. one such example is given below:

· Coat your favourite colour on your nail first or leave it bare

· Put on tapes in a pattern where you want a different colour

· Paint another colour and then let it dry

· Remove carefully

· You can do two or more pattern but remember not to make it complicated

This is such a classy and fun method to work on.

4. Splash Look

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This nail art look again needs the help of tapes but this time it won’t be on the nails but rather be around the nails.

An easy and fun way to do this is:

· Put on the desired colour as the base

· Pour the nail polish colours you want to be on top of it nearby

· As a safety measure don’t forget to cover the edges around your fingers with tape

· Dip that paints in an old toothbrush and just splashes on

· Have fun with different colours

· Finally, let it dry

This here concludes another fun method.

5. Plastic covers

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Do you have waste plastic covers lying around the house? I’m sure everyone does and before starting about this method let me assure you I am in no way supporting the use of plastics but if you do have some of them in your house, do try this chique technique:

· For the base choose metallic colours because those pop out well

· And then give a normal coat of your chosen nail polish

· Take out a plastic wrap or paper

· Gently pat on it before it gets dry

· As you can see it is forming a certain pattern so try to go along with it.

This method can be tricky and can ruin your entire hard work so try to be extra careful with it.

6. Stickers

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And finally, the easiest and simplest way to ever exist is to just buy nail art stickers. If you are a very busy person and can’t even be bothered with above techniques and methods to make your nails look awesome then you will certainly love these time-saving stickers.

· Go to your nearby store or order from online the stickers you wish

· Paint a fresh colour of nail polish

· And gently and very carefully peel the stickers from its covers

· Stick on your nails without any crease

· Let it dry and say hello to beautiful nails.

Even a simple nail art can fetch you praise and turn heads if it’s done right. It adds extra sparkle to your radiant. The key to successful nail arts is in the way you do it: boldly, without hesitation and most importantly with joy and fun.

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