5 ways to make your Brain Smarter, and Faster.

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

In every part of your life whether its school, university, job, or business along with hard work you should also know, how to do smart work. Smart peoples with some amount of hard work will always be more successful than people with less smart work. That's why most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who work smarter than others.

In every field, whether its Business, Sports, IT sectors, Production and sales sectors, Singers, Actors, Musicians, Why some people are more successful than their counterparts? Because they work smarter with the help of their smart brain. So today in this article we are gonna share with you 5 ways to make your brain smarter, and faster.

1. Excercise:-

To make your body more effective and Fit we choose to exercise. But in a study, it is also observed that exercising just for 30 minutes a day can also make us smarter. Try to add aerobic exercise because of it, our energy remained for more time and we can make our decisions more clearly and effectively.

"Exercise not only changes your body, It changes your Attitude, Mind, and mood"

Not just energy regular exercise can make you more focused and your memory very sharp. Your mind never gets easily distracted and you will be more focused. So, whenever their some meeting or presentation, exercise before it for better results.

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Exercise can also enhance your mood releases endorphin which enhance your mood from sad to happy. It also increases your productivity and you will get better results than before. So from today start doing exercise to become smarter and fitter.

2. Meditation:-

Meditation is one of the best things you can do to make your brain smarter, and faster. There are so many benefits of doing meditation. It does just not make you more intelligent but also affects your body positively.

The best way in which meditation makes you smarter is, it makes both parts of your brain work together. Because of meditation your left side's brain which is responsible for logical thinking, and your right side's brain which is responsible for creative thinking start working together by which problem-solving become easy for you, you become more creative, and your focus and concentration increase. 

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Other than that, It also increases your brain size and makes you smarter. It also improves your short and long term memory. Your emotional intelligence increase, by which you become more good at controlling your emotion.

3. Reading books:-

Do you know why Successful people are smarter than us because they read a lot? There are so many benefits to reading books. By reading books you can improve you can vocabulary, your problem-solving skills, and empathy.

"Reading is to mind, as exercise is to body" - BRIAN TRACY

Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet have admitted openly that they read a lot of books. By reading books you exercise your brain and make it smarter, and faster. You can make fast decisions when a difficult situation arises. 

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By reading books you get the experience of many years. Reading books just not only makes you smarter but also your life span increase, you become more stress-free. So start reading books to become more intelligent.

4. Playing Games:-

This is one of the easiest things on this list to make your brain smarter, and faster. We love playing games and yes it makes us more intelligent. Physical games like basketball, Football, Board games like Chess, Mahjong, And pc/android games like call of duty also increases your intelligence.

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First, let's talk about physical games. So many studies have that playing sports makes you smarter. Playing sports releases chemicals like endorphin, dopamine, and also BDNF chemical which also keeps your brain's neurons healthy and creates new ones. Your focus, memory, and planning increases.

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Now let's talk about video games. Yes, playing video games also makes you smart. But playing it for a long duration can also affect your brain negatively. Games like Call of duty and Pubg (yes guys it's true) increase your problem-solving skills, you learn fast than others, and have many more benefits.

5. Sleep:-

Sleep...... yes you read it right, sleep makes your brain smarter and faster. That's why I wrote "one of the easy things" in a section of playing games. Because sleeping is the easiest thing on the list. During sleep, we create synapses between neurons which form the basis for memory, problem-solving, and decision making. During sleep, we encode the things which we have learned in a day. 

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But in today's world, we don't prioritize our sleep. And in return, we start to lose our memory, focus, and productivity, So, to increase your productivity get appropriate sleep every night. And make your brain smarter and faster.

There are so many things other than that which also increases your intelligence. Drinking pure water, Good nutrition, and learning and teaching new skills can also do positive effects on your brain.


These are some things you can do, that in return will make your brain smarter, and faster. So start doing these and become an inspiration for others. Don't forget to like and give your feedback.


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