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5 T-shirt Style Every Man Should Have

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

You are invited to a house party this weekend. If you are a fashion enthusiast, the very first thing that comes to your mind is - what to wear. Being a casual party, you would prefer slipping into something comfortable and light. Naturally, a suit will be eliminated at the first instant. So what is the next best thing you can wear to a party? Well, guess what, it is your casual t-shirt. Don’t be shocked! This versatile garment is a ubiquitous clothing item in men’s wardrobe. Team it up with any type of bottom and you are good to go! ​T-shirts for men work for a whole spectrum of social settings. Wear it to a pub or gym, this piece of cloth will beat all the cringe-worthy fashion faux pas you had before.

Given the versatility of T-shirts, there are different variations of this article that exist on the market. But, which style should you stock up in your wardrobe? Whether you ​buy T-shirts online or offline, here are 5 essential styles you should own -

1. Solid/plain T-shirt

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Practically, the most essential thing in your repertoire should be a plain/solid T-shirt. Debuting as an undergarment, it has stood the test of time and became the universal piece of cloth. Unlike other ​T-shirts for men, this style can be worn in all seasons and social events. Pair it with jeans, trousers and even under the blazer, a solid tee can never fail you!

2.Polo T-shirt

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Originally made as a tennis and golf outfit, the polo t-shirt has won the hearts of many fashion lovers. It has a soft collar with plackets, cuffed sleeves, and buttons. This breathable garment is light and can be worn on different occasions. It is well suited for men with a lanky body frame as it gives an illusion of a bigger upper body.

3.Henley T-shirt

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A cross between the solid tee and polo, henley T-shirt will add a subtle look to your personality. This is another close relative of ​T-shirts for men. It has plackets and buttons down to 2-4. Also, it is collarless and hence offers a classy look. It is available in both long and short sleeves and you can wear them around the year. Also, most men do not wear this style. Hence, this can be your opportunity to stand out from the crowd!

4.Striped T-shirt

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There’s no man on this planet who cannot pull off a striped tee. This garment was originally a French navy uniform. However, it has evolved through time and here we are! It literally has the power to elevate an outfit. You can add different variations like thicker stripes or Breton stripes to complete your wardrobe.

Printed T-shirt

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Want to express your thoughts out loud? Just wear a printed tee! This is the hottest trend in men’s fashion and it is vibing with almost all age groups. Nowadays, you can ​buy funky printed T-shirts online! You can wear it to express your love for a band or political views, support the latest trend, etc. Team it up with distressed denim and you will garner all the attention from women and men alike! :P

So that’s all folks! Hopefully, you will add these essential T-shirts in your wardrobe. Do you know more styles? Share them in the comments section below!

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