Decoding the style of your favorite characters from the show “ Selling Sunset”. 

Selling Sunset is one of the most popular shows on Netflix right now. Reality TV completely changed with the arrival of this show. Some might say that the gorgeous houses and beautiful landscapes are the main TRP of the show. However, there is one more “selling” point here. The impeccably dressed real estate agents. The show, based in Los Angeles, revolves around the lives of these agents. The style and fashion portrayed by these agents cannot be missed! They even make construction sites look like a Vogue background with their style! 

Here we decode the style of each of these agents. Which one are you??

  1. Mary - Chic and Sexy

As one of the episode title goes “ Everybody Loves Mary”, it is true. She has a mind of her own yet cares about other people. She is an understanding friend and lover. Struggling through her life, she has certainly earned all her success. Coming to her style, Mary has a very Chic and Sexy style. Her formal outfits are always with a hint of glam. Align jumpsuits and short dresses or shirts with skirts.

She also accessories her clothes wit delicate jewelry. Casual or formal, she is always the Chic chick! 

2. Heather - Minimalist

Her character might not have a lot of fans, but her style sure does! Her Style is minimalist. We rarely see Heather in layers or even floral. She prefers solids and minimal accessories. 

3. Chrishell - Romantic and Vintage

She is by far everyone’s favorite and so is her style. Her style is a mix of romantic, vintage and the girl next door. Throughout the show, you can see Chrishell in beautiful floral, bright colored dresses and big jewelry. She also loves long dresses and jumpsuits added with a hint of color and glam. Her style is mainly romantic. 

4. Christine - Glamorous Diva

The two C’s and one B of the show! Christine’s style is that of a DIVA. Her long dresses, furry coats, couture made outfits and sunglasses all speak of being a glamorous diva. She is always seen flaunting the big luxury brands like Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior and so many more. 

5. Amanza - Bohemian

She truly is an inspiring woman by raising her kids all alone and handling multiple careers. Her strength is her style but if we have to point out, I would say her style is more Bohemian in nature. Bandanas, palazzos, Her style is as unconventional as her. Natural fabrics, earthy colours and patterns are more her thing. 


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