5 decorative DIYs phone cases

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Our day to day life starts with waking up to the screen of our phone and ends with it too. A mobile phone has become necessary in a person’s life, a basic need. And to protect these phones we need phone cases and mostly phone cases turn out to be too simple or too expensive. But, there is a way we can transform your simple phone cases into fun designed or funky patterned ones. You can customize your phone cases according to your need. There are many DIYs out there for your phone cases and 5 of them are given below: 1. Work it with Washi

If you are into geometric designs or something with criss-cross patterns, you should contemplate playing with Washi tapes. A basic way to do this is just to pick out three different colours of Washi tapes and stick them to your phone case in the pattern you want. Make sure that the colours you choose to complement each other. 2. Glamour it with Glitters

A plain phone case doesn’t do a good job in showcasing your personality but adding glitters and making it colourful definitely will. Nobody likes a plain old phone case but everybody likes glitter.to get that in your DIY phone case, visit your nearby craft stores buy some glitters of your favourite colours or you can simply choose the multi-coloured ones to give a more joyful look. 3. Do it with Designs

If you are someone who doesn’t like going through all that work for a phone case but still want a phone case that’s beautiful and aesthetic then there is a simple way to achieve that. Just download the required designs available on the internet and then print them out and stick it in your phone cases. Nowadays many graphic designers give out freely many graphic designs and patterns that are specially curated for phone cases. 4. Flaunt it with Flowers

Nothing can get ugly when it comes to flowers and most of us have experimented with pressed flowers when we are young. The charm of it still hasn’t gone away. You can customize your phone case with desired flowers by first selecting the flowers to be pressed and then arrange them in a way you want and finally glueing them to a clear phone case so that the colour of the flowers pop up. 5. Nail it with Nail polish

This DIY helps in making your phone case stands out and achieving that look is fairly simple. Grab some nail polish and take some water in a bowl. Start to put a few drops of the nail polish in the bowl and keep adding desired colours. Work through it quickly otherwise the nail paint dries. Stir it all with something small like toothpicks. Finally, submerge your clear phone case partly in the water and after the nail polish gets stuck to the case take it out and let it dry. Gently press out excess water if any present. There are many more other ways to make phone cases but these are some of the simple DIYs with easily available products, therefore, say no to anything boring and spread out your style and fashion, let your phone case do the talking.

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