4 fun hairstyles for short hair

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Women and men are emotionally and physically attached to their hair. A lustrous hair adds beauty to the owner. In olden days, long hair is considered as the epitome of beauty. Women with longer hair are desired upon but as the time progressed the world changed and together with its beauty standards.

Nowadays women rock short hair effortlessly and they show the world that there can be beauty in everything. And, to be honest, long hair requires a lot of care and time to look after it which is kind of a pain in this fast-moving world.

So if you want a short hair or already an owner of short hair and wants to have fun with it, you should try these four fun hairstyles.

1. Classic Twist

Photo Source: Pinterest

This is such an easy hairstyle to do which will make you look elegant without any hard work. Just party our hair in the middle, take the required amount of hair from one section and pin it in the back, repeat the procedure with the other side and finally bring the twists together and secure it with a band.

2. Side Braid

Photo Source: Pinterest

All you need for this hairstyle are some hairpins and bands. Comb your hair and leave a huge part of the hair in the front and secure the rest in the back with a band.do a Dutch braid and put a small band in the end then tug at it here and there to make it look more voluminous and finally secure the braid with hairpins in the back.

3. Cat Knots

Photo Source: Pinterest

Feeling cute? Try this hairstyle to intense that feeling. Part your hair in the middle, take a handful of hair from one side and hold it up and then gently roll it down to make a bun and put a hairband around it .voila! You are done.

4. Tri Flower Hairdo

Photo Source: Pinterest

Do three low ponytails, make a bun with the centre one and tease it a little bit and secure it with pins. Make the other two buns shorter than the middle one and that’s it.

You can try many more hairstyles and have fun with it. Life is short and what makes it more meaningful are the memories you create in it.so flip that hair and turn your life around!

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