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10 habits to be unrecognizable in a month

Whether you want to surprise your family and friends or just willing to do it for your own self-satisfaction. Being unrecognizable in a month is not as tough as it seems.

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Here are some basic yet extremely effective 10 habits that you can develop for being unrecognizable.

1. Daily Exercise

Doing physical workout or exercise is a necessity for our bodies. Now, I know, that we know this thing from our childhood but had we developed this as a habit in our daily routine? A physical workout doesn't mean that you need to join a gym. You can do some basic exercise or yoga at your home.

Now, If you are a very busy person who thinks that it will take a lot of time then, you can try 5 Min. HIIT workout. It doesn't take that much time and is really impactful.

* Don't forget to do some basic stretches before these exercises.

2. Nourish your body

While an occasional intake of junk food won't harm but a habit of eating it can do.

Did you know that Extra calories from junk/processed food can cause obesity and make you gain unhealthy weight? Furthermore, it can cause indigestion too.

So, for the safety of your health and body. Switch your eating habits from junk to nutritious food.

If it's hard for you to avoid processed food just try limiting it from once to twice in a week and then in a month. Because it takes some time to build a new habit.

*Drink a good amount of water too. It will prevent you from dehydration.

3. Become a listener

Nowadays, when everyday life is so stressful and restless. We are lacking the quality of being a human.

If you will carefully look at your surroundings. you will observe that everybody there is willing to speak, to say his/her part but, nobody is actually there to listen. Listening, listening silently is a great yet a rare quality in today's world.

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Listen for the purpose of listening

Believe me, just go to any person you know and try to listen to what they want to say. Just for the purpose of listening and not for the purpose of giving some advice or suggestion. You will observe a change soon, for sure.

4. Empathy

Just put yourself in the shoes of another individual.

If you want to be empathetic else of being sympathetic but, don't know how to. Just try the above-written thing. Just imagine yourself at the place of the person you are trying to be empathetic with.

And this will not only help in being empathetic but also assist you in understanding the complex situations.

5. Phone

Many of us tend to have a habit of keeping our phones close to us as much as possible. There is a compulsive desire to continue refreshing, reading, checking, responding, clicking, playing, scrolling, or posting. It feels joyous and there is endless opportunity for additional stimulation. It may be difficult to stop and put the device away. This alone may lead to a delay in bedtime and decreased entire sleep time.

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And many times, it happens that at night, our phone is sleeping with us on our beds or in the morning, the very first thing we check is our mobile.

Well, If you found this thing wrong so far then there is definitely a necessity of changing this habit.

The only thing you have to do is limiting the screen time.

6. Waking up early

Waking up early in the morning not only keeps you energetic and proactive but also makes you mentally and physically fit.

For waking up early you need to sleep early. So, just develop a habit of sleeping early. You can do this by keeping your phone aside at night.

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Make a promise to yourself today that I am going to keep my phone aside before 30 minutes of going to bed at night and I will not look at my phone within the 1 hour of waking up.

7. Pre-planning

Planning things a day before your work is exceptionally beneficial. If you plan today what all things you are going to do tomorrow, it will save your time furthermore, it will assist you in being active and focused as you have your things planned.

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8. Maintain a diary

If you are an introvert or just too conscious about sharing your feelings with someone. This is a great thing that you should try. I know finding the right person to share our feelings is a tough thing nowadays. But, don't worry, here comes your best friend A Diary.

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The advantage of keeping a diary is that It's a secret that remains to you only, unless and until you want to share it with someone.

9. Learn a new skill

Learning helps us in growing. Just make a list of some skills or things you wanted to learn ever. Pick one or maybe two out of it and start learning it now. It can be anything from cooking to dancing to playing an instrument to writing to communicating to drawing and much more.

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10. Self-knowledge

Try to know your own self, your likes, and dislikes, your strengths and weaknesses. Discover the things that make you happy but don't forget to also discover what makes you sad. Self-knowledge will help you in keeping yourself happy and then it will be supporting you in maintaining good relationships too with your loved ones.

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These are all the 10 habits that you can develop in yourself by changing some little things. Trust me, these habits will benefit you not only in the short term but in the long term too. You will feel more productive, accomplished, motivated, and happier. What else we want?

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