10 Fashion Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Whether it's your date night, job interview, or a hangout with friends we always care about fashion and our appearance. Also, we try to replicate someone's style and fashion we admire the most but, do we really go that perfect and stunning !! I know it’s hard to believe but even the most fashionable people can commit fashion mistakes.

There are probably some simple fashion mistakes which you're making unknowingly. Sometimes these fashion mistakes can be so minor that we don’t even recognize them as we tend to believe in our own fashion instincts rather than seeking advice.

But, no worries hopefully we can help you while giving you the 10 fashion mistakes you’re probably making. Here we go:

1. Wearing too many accessories

The most common fashion mistake is wearing too many accessories or over-accessorizing. An accessory can be said to be anything that you carry or wear with your clothes.

It aims to enhance the effect of clothes you wear but sometimes wearing too many accessories could distract from your wonderful personality and could lead to negative attention from the audience. So, you need to be aware of what is considered proper attire for each situation and choose your accessories accordingly to avoid.

2. Wearing ill-fitting clothes

The most important aspect of fashion is certainly how your clothing fits the body. It is very important to wear perfect sized clothes to avoid looking bottleneck or sloppy.

This mostly occurs when the shoulder seam is slightly higher or lower than where it should be. Just for the sake of dressing don't settle for ill-fitting clothes so that you can avoid this fashion mistake.

3. Not dressing for your body type

The fashion which you do must go with your body type. Based on your size and shape you must select the unique set of clothes that are flattering your specific body type.

The best way to avoid this fashion mistake to understand your proportions and use fashion to accentuate your best features and hide everything else. Knowing your body type is about dressing to look your best at fashion.

4. Wearing Wrinkled clothes

Obviously, wrinkles are one of the easiest fashion mistakes which anyone can observe. Wrinkled clothes literally can ruin an outfit, no matter how to put together.

Wrinkles make you look like a mess who just roll out of bed. It shows that you just don’t care about your appearance and have got an irresponsible attitude towards yourself. The best way to overcome this fashion mistake is to iron on the right setting.

5. Bad Color Coordination

Nowadays, people like to have a different color combination for their outfits but there are some combinations that should never be together because really these are not very well and becomes a fashion mistake.

Don't wear colors that clash and look like a fool. If you are bad at color combinations so you must go with neutral colors like Black, White, Grey, and Navy which blends with other colors easily.

6. Wearing Undergarments That Show

No matter how incredible a strapless dress looks, it can be ruined by the bra strap. The undergarments must be selected according to the outfit you wear.

If you are going with any strapless dress then you must go with a strapless bra. You can also wear thick or pattern fabric outfits to mask any undergarment outlines. There is a right time to wear undergarments that show. But sometimes it isn’t a good look.

7. Shoes don't match your outfits

There is always a cringe factor that often comes when your shoes don't go with your overall outfit. Choosing the right pair of shoes is really a matter of your personal style.

Your shoes absolutely do not have to match your shirt or top but they do have to go with your overall outfit and what pair you choose is entirely up to you. You must avoid having other vibrant colors as that makes it hard on the eyes.

8. Wearing foot socks with sandals

Wearing socks and sandals together is really a fashion mistake as they don't give an attractive look.

The socks and sandals are something that people can wear when they are home, but it’s not usual to wear socks with sandals out in public. But, thanks to our fashion industry which has invented toeless socks that can be worn with peep-toe or open-toe shoes.

9. Wearing Silk and wool clothes together

Maybe from distance, they look great together but in reality, wearing a silk cloth with a woolen cloth might feel like you’re rubbing a static balloon on your body all day.

Wearing the two together causes the silk to cling and become uncomfortable. You must go ahead with cotton or any other fabric instead of wool.

10. Rolling your sleeves instead of folding

This one is the last fashion mistake from the list, rolling up your sleeves rather than folding is really not the best way to adjust your sleeves.

It can make your overall look appear sloppy and unprofessional too. You can simply avoid this fashion mistake by folding your sleeves rather than rolling them up. It's always better to fold your sleeves as it minimizes wrinkles and looks more polished and less sloppy.

These were the basic fashion mistakes that one commit on many occasions. With these steps, you can start changing your style and present the best version of you.

If you have any suggestions or query, you can tell us in the comments section or via mail. :)

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